The beauty industry grows every year, so eyelash extensions became as a must have for many women around the globe. The effect usually last up to six weeks, and most of the time you even do not need to use mascara to look fabulous. 

Nowadays, there are so many companies and brands that offer different types of lash extensions, however to find the best ones on the market, it usually takes time and money for experience the product. 

Finding a quality ones that suits you is a half of the way, you also should find a lash technician who can use the right technique and make beautiful extension. The process of getting lash extensions involves attaching mink, silk, synthetic, human or horsehair to your actual lashes via an adhesive glue. 


After some time of wearing extensions, you will notice that lashes fall slowly one by one day by day. Sometimes the way they fall may not satisfy you because they might leave an empty spots between the extension. Sometimes the product does not suit you and you want to get rid of them as fast as possible. 

We have noticed due to these and other reasons, many women are looking for methods how to remove lash extensions safely at home and without damaging natural lashes. Luckily it does not take much effort to do.

We made a list of top 3 methods that you can use for removing your extensions safely at home. 

Use a cotton ball with drops of olive oil

Moisture the cotton ball with 5-7 drops of olive oil or any other type of natural light oil and touch them to your eyelashes, rubbing with slow movements and applying oil to your lashes. Make sure that all lashes are actually oily. While you rubbing them slowly, you will notice that they are starting to fall. You should continue applying oil until all eyelash extensions will gone. Notice that if the oil gets into your eyes, it may cause a blurry vision for sometime. Do not worry, it will be gone in few minutes. By applying an eyedrops it will help to get to normal vision faster.

Use special lash extensions glue remover

You may find lash glue remover in drugstores or order better online in a specialized store. There are different types of them, some of them smell very nice, others smell like a nail polish. Before using you should read the instruction to minimize risks. You can also ask an advice from your lash technician which solvent they usually use for removal, because it may work well with the brand of glue that he/she applied on your lashes while doing the extension.

Use an oil-based makeup removers and hot shower

Usually most lash technicians will tell you to not use oil-based removers, because they will make your lashes fall. 

Well, the restriction is actually an advice itself. It does not damage your natural lashes and on the same time some of the removers even nourishing your lashes with Vitamin E and C. 

A hot shower is also known as an enemy of lash adhesives. Remember, there are two enemies of lash extensions – moisture (oil-based) and heat. However, hot shower cannot remove all of your lash extensions at once as other two methods above, but it is still effective in a long run. 

We hope that you will find these methods effective for yourself. Stay beautiful, take care of your natural lashes, nourish them. Do not forget at least 1 or 2 times a year to remove extensions at all, so your natural lashes can rest. Choose quality products, experiment with different types of extensions and always be fabulous.