How to Wear Puffer Jacket? Best Outfits with Puffer Jackets

This season, if you can think of one piece of clothing you need to own, it’s a puffer. The bulky, oversized, and well-insulated pieces of outerwear are the most comfortable and coolest designs to look out for the coming winter. From simple black patterns and stylish silver designs to large maxi-styles and striking vintage styles, the puffer jacket offers many options for anyone, and we’ll guide you on how to wear your favourite.

 In the end, what’s the point of wearing the most stylish coat when your overall outfit isn’t bringing it down? Before shopping for this winter-wear staple, you should read how to dress the hottest puffer jacket of the season. After that, you’ll be out on the town all day long, regardless of whether it’s raining, cold or snowing. All you need to do is to flaunt your fabulous look in this essential piece of outerwear.

How to Wear Puffer Jacket? Best Outfits with Puffer Jackets

Pair it with an elegant dress or a skirt

It’s not just because it’s a puffer season does not mean you have to forgo wearing skirts and dresses. The oversized coat, when paired with a slim miniature mini, make for an appealing contrast. This is the case for a relaxed puffer paired with a high maxi that is a winter-friendly pair. For added warmth, style the look with knee-high boots, and wear a shorter coat to show off the skirt.

Wear it with a T-Shirt and skinny jeans

As a casual, comfortable styled outfit, wear a t-shirt in grey and an oversized black Moncler jacket for women as the top. To wear the bottom, you can wear cuffed skinny jeans and paired suede shoes. To add a touch of class, opt for a black puffer jacket with a faux-fur hood.

Puffer Jacket with White Sweater & Loafers

This is another outfit that stylish enough to be worn for a business casual look. On top, wear dress in a white v-neck sweater and puffer jacket. You can pair these with jeans in black in black and loafers.

With faux-leather trousers and a beanie

We’re all aware that the trend of faux leather is everywhere this season but combing that look by wearing puffer jackets? It’s one of the coolest styles this season. It’s not just about trying with a faux leather puffer; you can also wear it with faux leather pants for the perfect cool girl style.

Keep It Cozy

We’re not all willing to let go of the comfy clothes that we’ve been wearing over the last two years. Don’t let yourself get bored with your basic outfits for a while. A puffer and sweatshirt are a perfect match as peanut jelly and butter, and this style is suitable for many occasions, regardless of whether you’re heading to brunch or the fitness centre.

With faux-leather leggings and combat boots.

Nothing says “ultimate cool” like a black, faux-leather outfit. Take your faux-leather leggings and your most chunky boots, and finish your look with a faux leather puffer to make the street-style look you’ve always wanted.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

If you’re worried about the bulkiness of your coat, add some accessories that can help you create focal points in your ensemble. Leave the top open to showcase layers of necklaces, or put them in an over-the-shoulder bag to add additional oomph. Also, you will never go wrong with a belt to secure your waist.

Show Off Your Sweatshirt

A stylish and casual method to wear your puffer? Wear an oversized sweatshirt and let the hood peek towards the top. The added detail adds some interest and makes a great outfit to throw on and go.

If the thought of a classic puffer coat makes you uncomfortable wearing one, you could change it into an oversized puffer vest. This lets you show more of your look. It’s the ideal compromise between fashion and style and keeps your body warm.

Provide Balance

A long coat paired with other large pieces like a slack sweatshirt could be a bit overwhelming, so wear a crop top or a thin turtleneck to define your silhouette and ensure that your proportions are balanced.

A Long-Sleeved Jacket and Navy Knit Sweater

An elegant way to dress a long puffer jacket is to wear it with a comfortable navy knit shirt, skinny jeans, with canvas-colored shoes. You can tell in this look it’s not going to make you appear clunky if you wear it the right way.

With a splash of color and striking boots

The most popular cool girl style is to rock a color wide-leg pair of jeans, showing that a puffer is stylish with any outfit. Add some statement boots, and everyone in your circle will soon ask for styling tips.

Celebrity Style

A quirky design can bring a new look to an ordinary coat. Gigi Hadid gives us some great tips for this bold, sassy, and comfortable puffer coat. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be too fussy with your clothes since the coat can perform the trick. Like the coat itself, you can look effortlessly elegant.