Introducing to The World of a Perfect Hairstyle

With so many options for different types of hairstyle, it’s really tough to figure out which is the one for the day. Whether to go for open hair or get a bun? Your hairstyle speaks a lot about you; it reflects your personality. Which style should you pick for the party? A set, gelled hair or go for the classic Elvis Presley look and rock the occasion. Here are some tips, so you have the best hairstyle:


  • A style that’s suitable for your face shape.


You should know about your face shape whether it’s oval or heart-shaped. Maybe it is triangular in shape or square, not like SpongeBob square, but you know with wide forehead and cheekbones.

Once you get to know about your face shape, then you could select the perfect hairstyle.


  • Find out about your hair texture and matching styles.


To find your hair texture, wet the hair and pull away from the scalp.

If its width is thin then you have really light and fine hair texture, then you have to add volume to it. You can look to have an extra dimension being added to your hairdo. Styles like the wedge or the bob-cut should be a good option.

If its width is thick, then you have coarse hair texture. It looks really heavy and bulky; try some products that lessen down the bulk appearance. Razor cuts or layered cuts are the best options. Click to read more about different layered hairstyles for women.


  • Select a style that compliments your features.


You have a large forehead, try to conceal them. Go for bangs, thick and straight across bangs are your best bets.

Deep side-part is the best option for those who don’t have a like for their nose. It draws the attention towards your beautiful eyes. Also, it creates an illusion of length for face and draws the attention towards your face and chin.

Try a pixie cut, if your eyes, nose and mouths are comparatively small. Long, layered hairs might foreshadow your beautiful petite features.


  • Always select the style that suits your personality.


Your hairstyle is the first thing that catches someone’s attention. It tells many things about your personality

Try to pick a style in which you feel confident and comfortable. If that means going bald like Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, you are game then. Just bulk up like the big man.

To the ladies out there, don’t be intimidated by the others hairstyle. You can have fringes that you fancied for so long. But be confident enough to pull it off.

Always keep in mind the image associated with your hairdos. Getting a classic Mohawk might not be the right style if you don’t want to be confused with a counter-culture punk rocker.

So, take in accounts all these tips, don’t feel low about your looks. Try to get a hairstyle that compliments you, portrays your personality and catches everybody’s attention.