Justin Alexander Signature Spring/Summer 2016 Bridal Collection

Hey my beautiful ladies and future brides! For all of you who are getting married soon, here is another wonderful bridal collection that may have included the wedding dress from your dreams. This time we are bringing to you the Justin Alexander Signature Spring/Summer 2016 Bridal Collection.

This season the team of designers focused on fluid fabrications combined with intricate beading to create easy-to-wear dresses that are elegant, yet sophisticated. Inspired by classic red carpet styles, the dresses channel 1950s Old Hollywood glamour with intricate beading and dramatic shapes from mermaids to ball gowns. The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection takes on three main trends: graceful construction, Old Hollywood glamour, and clean and classic details.

“Justin Alexander Signature Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is for the modern bride looking for a wedding dress that expresses her lavish sense of style. From metallic fabrics to elaborate beadwork in geometric patterns, the Signature bride appreciates a high level of design detail. Silhouettes range from fun high­lows to dramatic ball gowns, and hundreds of hours of hand workmanship goes in to create these truly exquisite and intricate gowns.”

Justin Alexander Signature Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is designed with great attention to detail. Each wedding dress starts with a sketch, followed by sourcing top quality fabrics and draping and tailoring each style to create the signature fit. The finishing touches are then applied, which can take hundreds of hours of hand workmanship to create these exquisite and intricate gowns.

Take a look at some of the head turning wedding dresses from this gorgeous bridal collection. And if you haven’t already seen this stunning collection (which launched worldwide on September 15), have a look here!


The photo shooting for this collection was in March with the three-day shoot at the Metropolitan building in Long Island City. Elena Miglino and Cristina Veneziale joined the team as the makeup artist and hair stylist respectively. And the face of this collection was Keisha Lall of Elite Models.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you have found this wedding dress collection designed by Justin Alexander Signature amazing and you will choose one for your big day. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashionsy!