How To Look Dapper At Your Upcoming Holiday Party

So you just found out that your company is hosting their holiday party at a swanky hotel instead of in their backyard.  Or maybe you found out that the Facebook Event your friend invited you to was a holiday cocktail party, and your friend tells you about a cute girl that’s going to be there. Just then it occurs to you that your closetful of ironic Christmas sweaters is just not going to cut it this year.  But never fear, there are just a few items you should use to spice up your holiday wardrobe—it’s looking dapper ahead.  

Get a Haircut

Make sure your hair and face are fresh for the event.  Look into products that guard your hair from cold weather and keep your scalp from getting dry, especially in frigid winter temperatures. A basic Dove Shampoo and Conditioner is easy on the scalp, and they even have a quiz that will help you pinpoint the best products for your hair.

Get an Old-Fashioned Shave

Whether you usually have a beard and come in freshly shaven, or you grow out an even stubble for a rugged effect, be sure that it’s even. In the spirit of the season, you might like to try the classic technique of an old-fashioned straight-razor and brush.  There are plenty of options out there, many of which you can find online. Check out The Art of Shaving for some great kits that contain all the necessary essentials.

The Coat

Try a wool sport coat this season.  Whether you live in the frigid Midwest or the cool California coast, the evenings call for thicker wear. A wool sport coat is a timeless style that will last a lifetime and is sure to take you through the decades. A well-fitted sport coat will look dapper with a short plaid scarf looped around your neck.  Wear it with an oxford button down and you can’t go wrong.

The Scarf

Not everyone lives in weather cold enough to wear a scarf on a daily basis, but even the high desert gets near freezing at night, so why not check it out?  A cashmere scarf is not just fancy, but it’s also the comfiest thing you’ll ever have around your neck.  Once you get one cashmere scarf, you’ll be hooked.  There’s a reason Seinfeld had a whole episode dedicated to it.

Try a Sweater

Speaking of sweaters, there’s plenty of styles to make you look dapper this holiday season, including turtlenecks.  This year, you don’t have to be a fisherman or a beat poet to wear one.  With the influence of 90’s styles on this year’s clothing, turtlenecks are making a comeback (tobacco pipe optional).

The Shoes

There’s a lot of fuss over women’s shoes, but men’s shoes are just as important.  Depending on where you live, weather-proof shoes may or may not be absolutely essential.  Wing-tip boots for men are a classic option that can be versatile from fall to early spring.  Get them in a neutral brown or British Tan.  They come in a lace-up or slip-on variety, depending on your taste.  If you live in colder weather, there are even options that have a fur lining.  The good news?  A nice pair of shoes should last you for years to come.

The Socks  

Some men like to think that the socks don’t matter because nobody can see them. Reality check: that’s not the case. Ever cross your legs or sit down?  We can see your socks.  Cheap socks will cheapen your shoes.  Luckily, there are brands that can fix that.  Stance men’s socks offer a wide variety of styles to suite your taste—not just for this party, but for many more to come. Pick loud prints that make you a standout or stick to demure patterns sure to work with any dress shoe.

The Host or Hostess Gift

It’s not just your looks that make you dapper, it’s what you bring with you.  A classy party-goer always brings more than himself.  Showing up with a bottle of wine or a nice whiskey will make you welcome even in a stranger’s home—you’ll get major points with that cute girl, too.