How to Look and Dress Professionally

Cultivating success as a woman is not an easy task. Building a career whilst balancing a family and private life is arduous on its own, and looking good while doing it is another task entirely! Yet it is manageable. Coming across as professional and dressing to match the role is important in projecting and maintaining your power as a woman in the workplace. Below, we’ll provide a number of tips on how to build and nurture professionalism, both as a lifestyle and fashion method.

Dress the Part

Looking good in the office doesn’t mean predictable. Conservative office wear is a thing of the past, and doesn’t have to be confined to pencil skirts and low heels anymore. It’s possible to look refined and polished in any number of combinations of trendy office clothes. Be sure to have a nice collection of blazers and blouses – in all manner of colors and textures – and layer them with scarves, cardigans and long vests. In terms of footwear, loafers are definitely in this season, and are so versatile to be able to match any outfit – they’re a must!

Maintain a Professional Online Presence

In today’s communication age, it’s no longer enough to simply behave professionally in the work place. With a vast chunk of our lives having transitioned online, it’s more pertinent than ever to maintain a strong and grounded online presence. For most of us this includes, but is not limited to, controlling what we share on social media. But for freelancers, bloggers and those who rely on their own personal websites for work accreditation, it also means having a refined, clean and easy-to-navigate interface. A quick and easy way to do this is by using a premade, customizable design template. There are a number of companies who can help you with this, such as 1&1, and it goes leagues to instantly ensuring that your site looks more competent and seasoned.

Attitude is Everything

Above and beyond your online decorum and appearance, how you perceive and express yourself is the superlative in terms of how to convey professionalism. Ensure that your work ethic is of the highest standard – that means being punctual, working hard and putting in that little bit of extra effort. A career is not something to be taken lightly, and it’s understandable that sacrifices have to be made to maintain it. And lastly: do not apologize. Never feel bad about speaking openly about your career and your accomplishments. Be proud! We’re told always to take responsibility for our failures, but the same can be said about our successes.