Make A Change: 5 Hair Style Trends For Summer ‘21

Summer is around the corner and women everywhere are ready to upgrade their looks for the warmer weather – and that means making a trip to the salon. So, what styles will fashion-forward women be sporting on the beach this summer? 

Stylists predict these 5 looks, from the basic bob to more intense layers, will dominate the next few months.

Rehab Your Bangs

Many women went the DIY bangs route during the pandemic, but by now those bangs have grown out and are probably mixed into your hair as pieces of varying length. Now you can put your home trim to work by working them into a fringed, layered look. You can go almost any length you want with this, but what’s so great about this look is how it will help you deal with that awkward “growing your bangs out” phase.

A Brighter Brunette

Everyone says that blondes have more fun, but fashion trends say that brunettes are going to come out on top this summer. Aim for a lighter brown overall, with an even lighter base, which will give your hair a lot of dimension, but be careful around sun and chlorine, since summer weather can be tough on color treated hair.

Bright And Bold

A carefully dyed and maintained brunette look is timeless, but summer is also time for fun, so don’t be afraid to go a little wilder with your color if you’re the adventurous type. One option you might consider is a bold ombre or even a dyed-in bob where the top of your hair is one color and the rest of the length is a second color. Whatever color palate you choose, though, make sure to pick a hair salon with great colorists who can maintain your style. 

Go For The Chop

One of the most common concerns women express about their summer hairstyles is that, if they don’t cut enough off, they’ll be too hot or have to spend the entire summer with their hair pulled back. If that sounds like you, then you may be a good candidate for a more extreme cut, like a pixie style or buzz. Cutting it all off can feel dramatic, especially if your hair has been growing for more than a year, but many women find they like this look much more than they expected and even keep it year-round.

Make It A Mullet

Is a mullet ever really in? This style is known for inspiring as much derision as delight, but the fact is that, for the edgy, urban woman, a well-styled mullet can look powerful and high-fashion. The key aspect of that sentence, though, is styling; we’re not talking about the stereotypical “business in the front, party in the back” mullet that results from lazy maintenance. In fact, to pull this one off, you may need frequent visits to your salon as well as some daily time spent in front of the mirror.

Whether you learned to cut your own hair over the last year, let it grow, or snuck in occasional stylist appointments, this summer is going to be all about having an upgraded hairstyle. That means it’s time to ditch those dead ends and restock your vanity with styling products, because you’ve got places to go and people to impress.