Makeup Tips: How To Look Super Hot When Wearing Glasses?

Good day beautiful ladies! Are you ready for some great ideas? This time, I have a special post for the pretty ladies that wear glasses. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable about wearing your glasses? Do not worry at all. A few makeup tricks here and there, and your glasses will be your best accessory. Does this sound great to you? Check these awesome makeup tips and look super hot with your glasses!

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Brighten the undereye area

The first step towards great makeup while wearing glasses is to solve the undereye area. Use a concealer that is two tones lighter than your natural tone to brighten this area. This will make you look fresh. If the dark circles stand out, then you should try corrector first. Use peach tones one that will neutralize the blue dark circles. Even after that, apply concealer.


Do not go bold with the eye shadow

When applying your eye shadow, remember that dark colors can make your eyes look tired. So, instead go for neutral and bright colors. This will make your eyes stand out. You can use shiny eye shadows that will make your eyes pop.

Adjust the eye liner

Eye liner is a good choice to accentuate your eyes. When applying it, consider the thickness of the frame of the glasses. If you have thick ones, you should go for a thick line too. Thin line goes along with light frames. This simple rule will help you so much. It will help you achieve a balanced look.

Go for volumen

When choosing a mascara, go for the ones that give volumen. You will not be needing additional length, as long eyelashes can touch your glasses. Be careful with clumps. With zooming glasses, they will stand out even more. Hint: wipe your mascara wand to remove the excess. This will prevent the creation of clumps. Apply your mascara with quick zic zac strokes.