Makeup Tips: How To Look Fresh During The Hot Summer Days?

Hello ladies! Are you ready for some makeup tips? Today I have something interesting that you will find helpful. Wearing makeup in summer can be a tough challenge. The hot weather might get your makeup “moving”. You should take certain actions to stop that and keep your makeup in place. If you don’t want to go makeup-less, then these tips will be so helpful. Read on and find out more!


When the weather is too hot, the most important thing is proper base. It will provide you the needed hydration and make your skin look fresh. Remember to use oil-free moisturizers that will not feel heavy on your skin.

2. Primer

A good primer will help hold things in place. It goes right after you apply the base. A proper primer will hold in control the oil and sweat. It will not feel heavy at all. Never forget your primer during special occasions, when you need to keep the makeup in place.

3.Less is more

Less is definitely more, especially when we are speaking of makeup in summer. If you add too much, creasing and that cakey look is inevitable. Use light products, such as tinted cremes. Wear less makeup, since it has the tendency of ” moving around” when the weather is too hot.

4.Do not use shiny products

if you love that dewy and glowy look, try to avoid achieving it. Forget about cream foundations and anything too luminous. You don’t want to achieve too much shine.

5.Forget about deep colors

Rich colors can look heavy during summer. Avoid using them, as they can look unflattering. Fop lips, it is recommended to use nude tones. And for the eyes, you should apply the same. Dramatic smokey eyes are not a thing for the summer days.

6. Always keep a purse with you

It is a good idea to keep a purse with beauty products when you go somewhere. That way, you can easily fix your makeup. Do not forget your blotting paper and face powder. It will save you from that oil-shine.