New Hair Colour Trends to Look For In 2019

Probably you are tired of the same old same hairdo and looking for something exciting in 2019. Why not try adding some colour? This article offers you some of the reasons why this is the best way forward and the trends worth trying.

Why Go For Hair Colour?

Adding colour to your hair comes with the following benefits:

  • It gives you an edgy look. It is one thing to go for sophisticated hairstyles such as the flowbee haircut, and it is another to go for a look that turns heads everywhere you go. Many people are afraid of adding colour to their hair and thus, you will be making a bold statement in your world.
  • There are many ways of adding hair colour. Whether you want to highlight small parts of your hair or even go for semi-permanent colour, you will always be spoilt for choices.
  • It is helpful as you age. White hair is a sign that you have been lucky enough to go through different seasons of life and thrive in the process. At the same time, you may feel uncomfortable with the changes. The best thing is to add some highlights, and you will feel confident enough to go through other seasons of life.

Note that some people have white hairs even at an early age. It is only through colour additions that they are able to create the type of look that works for them.

Trends worth Trying

In 2019, you should try the following hair colour trends:

  • Ashy silver. This trend has taken the world by storm. Contrary to the past, many women now embrace the silver strands. Whether you are young girl expressing your outstanding nature, or an older woman trying to celebrate the wisdom that you have gained over the years, this style will work for you.
  • Dirty Blonde

This colour works with most of the skin tones, which explains why many women have decided to embrace it in 2019. You can express your sense of sensuality and beauty by adding some curls. It works for women of all ages and in different professions.

  • Inky Black

Black colour is rich. It will make your facial features, skin tone, and outfit stand out perfectly. Women who are worried about drawing attention from the social circle always find the colour appropriate. Given this, it will continue to be a common option in 2019.

  • Sapphire

This colour shade is ideal for women looking for glamour and sophisticated look. You can take it a notch higher by adding voluminous curls.

  • Rich Copper

A hint of copper on your hair is the right way of creating an edgy look without necessarily going overboard. It is, in fact, one of the options for women in formal sectors or who have never tried adding hair colour all their life.

  • Living Coral

This colour is increasing becoming popular because it helps women to shift from the traditional rose gold hair or pink and adopt an edgier hairdo. It is not only life-affirming, but it is also suitable for people from all walks of life. Your eye colour will be enhanced while your outfit seems even more elegant.  

  • Orange-red

There is nothing wrong with trying unique hairstyles in 2019. Indeed, if you are tired of being in a dull world, try the orange-red colour, and you will be amazed by the results. Be willing to get stares from people admiring your courage to step into the unknown.

  • Dirty Brunette  

This trendy hairstyle is good for women who are naturally cool, calm, and collected. If these aspects define your year or personality, then this hairdo is the way to go.

In Conclusion

Clearly, there are many hair colour trends to choose from in 2019. You must, however, make the choices with the consideration of various factors. To start with, your personality and tastes matter. Always go for colours that help you to express yourself well. Further, consider your skin tone and wardrobe. Your professional and age also plays a critical role. If by any chance you are stuck, seek for assistance from experienced and qualified hairstylists