Orange is the new bikini colour: preparing for summer 2022

Do you want to turn heads on the beach or at a pool party this summer? Why not try an orange swimsuit?

We think it’s time for orange to be the new black, just like the name of the hit show! But orange is not limited to the shade of the US prison uniform – there are many beautiful hues from peach to burnt orange to deep rust. So 2022 is the year of the colour orange! Here are a few reasons to choose an orange bikini and some tips for styling it to look great this summer.

Orange is the new bikini colour: preparing for summer 2022

An orange swimsuit to be stay on trend this summer

In recent years, designers such as Sergio Hudson, Balenciaga and Givenchy have embraced the orange hue in their current collections. So choosing an orange bikini or swimming costume this summer is trending.

Orange is associated with youth and joy and is the perfect choice for summer. It is a bright, vibrant, energetic and fun colour that will put you in a good mood. And it is associated with the pleasures of summer: juicy tropical fruits, sunshine, and moments of happiness.

Choose from many styles of orange bikinis; plain or patterned, tankini or bikini, sportswear or hi-cut; it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

Orange showcases your tan

An orange bikini is also a great way to enhance your tan! It looks great on tanned skin and works even better when paired with white (sarong or beach dress), as it will make your tan look even more attractive.

Can I get away with an orange swimsuit?

Orange swimsuits are a perfect choice for all women who like to wear eye-catching colours. If you’ve never tried this colour, a great place to start is a swimsuit in a peach-orange hue. Have fun experimenting with different shades and see what works best for your skin tone.

Orange is surprisingly flattering, especially for “warm” complexions, for example, if you have a brown, peach or golden complexion. If your hair is black, brunette, chestnut or red, or if you have brown, hazel or green eyes, do not hesitate to adopt the orange colour in your wardrobe. But there is a shade to suit every skin tone.

An orange swimsuit with full shorts and a trendy print is the perfect option for fuller figures. The high-waisted swimsuit is ideal for minimizing a belly. Opt for plunging necklines, triangle tops, or push-up models if you have a small chest.

If you want to highlight an hourglass waist, a belted swimsuit is chic and stylish.

2022 swimwear trends

This summer is associated with one trend in particular: crochet, with embroidery or shells for a boho hippie-chic look.

In terms of cuts, the cut-out swimsuit gives a sexy look. Or opt for an asymmetrical, bandeau or triangle swimsuit.

For pool parties, why not choose a glitter or satin bikini? Finally, the small details make the difference; look for swimsuits with dainty chains, buckles, ruffles, and tie details.