Photography Makeup Tips That You Should Consider

Do you have a big event and want to make sure that the photos are flawless? Check these Photography Makeup Tips! Once you go through them all, you will get the secret tricks to make your skin look flawless. To be honest, there is a huge difference between everyday makeup and makeup for photos. The professional camera can highlight your flaws, so it is better to use the right products to make sure that your makeup is photography-approved. Read on and find out more!


Starting off with moisturized and smooth skin is very important. On usual days you might skip some steps of the skincare routine, but it is very important that you stick to it for special occasions. Do a gentle face scrub the day ahead. Before you start to do your makeup, use a facial cleanser that won’t dry out your skin. Apply your moisturizer to hydrate your skin, and don’t forget the eye cream. When the skin around the eyes is dry, the wrinkles and fine lines will be more visible. Next, apply some lip balm to make sure that the lipstick looks smooth after. Wait for a while for all the products to settle.

Skin tone and texture

Since the camera can make even the unnoticeable flaws visible, it is better to start off with a primer. A nice primer will fill the pores and even out the skin. This is the perfect base for applying makeup.

Apply a medium to high coverage foundation to make sure that your tone looks even. Also, use some concealer for the problematic spots such as dark circles around the eyes and acne.

If the event takes place during the night when photographers will use flash, make sure that you avoid any products that contain SPF. It can make your face look white on the final photos. many foundations contain SPF, but make sure that you check other products such as your face moisturizer or finishing powder.

The trick for a non-cakey foundation is to use a little. Add a thin layer first, and blend it with a sponge or a brush. After that, add a bit more to the areas that need some more coverage.

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Sculpt your face

The camera or the editing process can make your face features less noticeable. That’s why you need to enhance them. Apply a little bit of bronzer to shape your cheeks. Add color with the right tone of blush too. Also, make sure that you don’t forget about the brows, as they shape the face. Use a product that is one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color and carefully fill them in.