Running Late?These Quick And Easy Makeup Tutorials Are The Ultimate Lifesaver!

We all know that feeling when you have a special evening scheduled, but you are running late. Despite, you still want to look gorgeous and glamorous. Unfortunately, this can be quite a tough task, as you need to put lot of effort in short time. Do not worry I’ve got you covered. These quick and easy tutorials will help you achieve that glam look, while on the go. You can recreate these in no-time. Are you running late? Probably you are. These quick and easy makeup tutorials are the ultimate lifesaver!

Glam purple smokey eye

The perfect spectacular makeup for that special evening! It seems so easy to do it in this photo tutorial.

Bronze subtle eye

This look will suit every eye color, but it will look special on blue ones. This gentle and subtle makeup is so easy to recreate.

Emerald touch

A simple and classic brown-toned smokey eye can be made more rich with a simple detail. Adding some emerald eyeliner on the lower lash line will do the trick.

Hollywood inspired smokey eye

If you want that “red carpet look”, then go for this one. This bold and dramatic smokey eye will be the perfect choice.

Purple and pink smokey eye

If you are up to adding some pop of color, then try with purple and ink. Mix different shades of these colors to achieve the effect of smokey eye.

Glamorous cat eye

If that perfect eyeliner look is your favorite, go for this one.

Gentle peach cut crease

If you are a pinky tone lover, then choosing a peach tone can be a nice thing. Taupe shadow for the cut crease effect will do the trick.

The perfect eye

you can never go wrong with this one!

Gold and brown

Turn the ordinary smokey eye into extraordinary with the help of a golden eyeliner.

The everyday look

Blue and silver eye makeup

If you want to go for something special, then this is the one.

Two shades smokey eye

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