Sexy At Every Curve Calendar

When you think “swimsuit calendar,” you usually envision Sports Illustrated-type models with stick thin bodies and ample breasts. Well, plus-size swimwear company Swimsuits For All is looking to change that. The company has released their own swimsuit calendar, featuring some very different body types.

None catalog of swimwear that you will browse this summer will be good as this calendar.

Besides modern and retro style swimwear which follows the line of the female body, they did something that gets one step above the fashion scale. Instead of waiting Maine Stream companies to recognize the female body in all shapes and sizes in their catalog they have included “bigger” girls. Campaign has started, followed by a calendar, called Sexy at Every Curve, which they hope will contribute to the acceptance of the beauty of the female body as a whole.

Browse the pictures above to check out images from the campaign, and let us know in the comments below what do you think of Sexy at Every Curve?

Enjoy and stay up for more nex time!