Taking a Warm Vacation?: Get the Wardrobe You Want to Make that Vacation Great

After the leaves have fallen and the winds have started to chill, we can’t help but start to daydream of long, white sand beaches and palm trees swaying gently in the warm breeze.

Let’s be honest, once the holidays are over, the thought of the long, gray days of winter ahead can make anyone want to crawl into bed and stay there until the spring. While winter can really take the wind out of your sails, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a vacation to the warmer parts of the world when the snow starts to fly.

Snowbirds, start your engines!

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be of the ilk of the retired or semi-retired who can spend the entirety of winter under the thatched huts of warmer climes. In that case, you will most likely have an entire wardrobe that you may keep down south year round in a separate home or condo, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a refresh! When shopping for clothing for your trips down south, look to purchase light-colored clothing in breathable materials, like cotton or linen.

Of course, sundresses are a must when traveling to a vacation hotspot. Whether you’re going for the entire winter or just for a brief interlude to remember what the sun feels like, we recommend packing loads of sundresses. What we love about sundresses is how versatile they are. Comfortable and breathable, sundresses have moved well beyond the floral simplicity of the past to everything from little black dresses for nights on the town, to stylish options for lunch at a local café. We personally love Anthony’s Ladies Apparel for their selection of great sundresses for women of any age.

For bottoms, you have full permission to go more brightly colored than you may be inclined to when dressing up north. Tangerine, seafoam, and lime are all great colors you can wear for your bottoms that will mix and match effortlessly with neutral tops in blacks, whites or creams.

Beach ready at any age

Swimsuit shopping as you age can sometimes feel like a form of torture, but don’t despair! There truly are swimsuits that can flatter the body at any age. Look for one-piece suits that offer structure and details that may help hide elements of your body you’re not as comfortable with as you were at 22. Ruched suits and skirt-suits can both offer a variety of colors and sizes that can flatter women at any age or size.

Dressing it up

Those long, warm evenings will call for dinner at the bistro with friends, cruises around the bay and drinks on the patio. These nights will be when you can let your eveningwear shine. No matter what you choose to wear on these evenings out, it’s important to keep in mind the three Cs: comfort, confidence, and color. Your dresses should always be comfortable and make you feel at ease and confident in your looks. They should make you want to carry yourself with your head high and your shoulders back. Finally, don’t be afraid of color! Getting older doesn’t mean everything has to be beige, experiment with different shades and tones that will complement your skin tone and hair.