Tengram Capital Snaps Up Lime Crime

These days, with heightened awareness towards animal rights and other environmental issues, many have decided to turn to vegan beauty products to fulfill their needs. As one of the first companies that swooped in to delight this niche of the makeup-buying sector, Lime Crime has enjoyed a great deal of popularity for a long time now. With Tengram Capital’s recent acquisition of the brand, Lime Crime’s luscious products are poised to go even further.

Recently, Lime Crime’s expansion into the world of unicorn hair has made even more waves. Customers can’t get enough of the vibrant hair hues, which is why some are even sold out. For those who are looking to capitalize upon the trend and nab the perfect colors, there is no doubt that shades such as Jello and Dirty Mermaid will inspire. Offered in full coverage and tints, Unicorn Hair is the ideal product for any gal or guy looking to stir up attention on social media. For those who aren’t sure if they want to commit just yet, there are also “packettes” that can be used on a smaller piece of hair to test it. Hair aficionados who are looking for a quick streak of color will be excited by this option.

There are so many exciting exciting aspects of Unicorn Hair that it’s difficult to pick just a few. First, the product is very friendly to those who don’t have the time or inclination to book an appointment at the hair colorist’s. Those who like to DIY will enjoy this product because it is both safe and vegan. Also, the product will not damage hair and does not require the use of supplemental mixers and developers. As with any bright hair color line, it looks best on lighter hair. These glycerin-based colors are sure to impress even some of the most avid fans of Manic Panic.

Although Unicorn Hair is wildly popular, however, it is far from the only product in the line that makes people swoon. The Plushies line, which the company describes as a “lip veil,” also tends to generate a lot of buzz. For a no-makeup look, these formulas enhance the natural color of lips. Fans admire the way they can wear Plushies for a long time without seeing the color lose its intensity. Often referred to as smudge-poof, they exude a nice berry scent. With a knack for creating a whole host of exciting lip options—from matte to gloss—this is one product line that won’t stop innovating. Customers who start using it will usually remain loyal fans for years.

Popular with a younger crowd, this brand has always been excellent at catering to the needs of its loyalists. A student discount allows those who are studying to have 15% off of their favorite products. For those who are on a budget, this can truly be a godsend. Perhaps this is why the brand has been so popular; netting approximately $30 million last year, this brand has proven its rightful place in the industry. Perhaps this is why Tengram’s goal is to triple the business within five years. Seeing a mass of possibilities with this new acquisition, the new owner has installed many new executives who are poised to help the brand soar. With new department heads coming from groups like Fresh and other successful cosmetics companies, it seems as if the sky will be the limit now.