The 21st Century Man on the Go

The 21st Century Man on the Go

The 21st century is one that will long be remembered for significant advances in medicine, culture, and technology. From AI to UX, we seem to be obsessed with progress, productivity, and movement. In order for the 21st-century man to keep up he’ll need the right products to fit his on-the-go lifestyle. Listed here are a few products the 21st-century man will need in order to maintain his speed and agility as a modern world continues to throw curveballs from seemingly every direction.

His Shoes

As much as companies have moved to remote options, the 21st-century man still spends a significant amount of time on his feet. Whether it is returning to work or just staying healthy and going on a run, he’ll need the right shoes to keep his feet comfortable and supported. 

As different as one day can be from another, the 21st-century man has grown to favor versatile waterproof shoes like those by Vessi as opposed to his traditional athletic shoes. Shoes are now made with modern conveniences that weren’t available in previous years. A man doesn’t have to choose between the elements of style, comfort, and utility when selecting a shoe any longer because he can have all three.

His Pants

No more rigid pants. Stretch cotton (a blend of spandex and cotton) is very popular now and should be in every man’s closet. Bonobos has a great line of stretch organic cotton pants that don’t break the bank. Choosing pants like these is best for the modern man because they allow for comfort due to their flexible material, and style that can be worn in business casual situations.

His Shirt

What shirt does the man on the go wear these days? Of course, men continue to have a need for good t-shirts for casual wear, and great formal button-up shirts for special occasions, but for day-to-day life on the go the modern man needs something between these extremes. UNTUCKit shirts are a great way to dress up the daily outfit and can be paired with jeans or a nicer chino. The man who wears these button-ups wants to feel confident and is wearing them for occasions that don’t require a tucked shirt. 

His Accessories

In the 21st century, men are allowed (even encouraged) to accessorize. The most popular accessory men have been using for years and are a must-have is sunglasses. Every pair of sunglasses a man owns is polarized and needs to have the quality to get the job done without being so expensive you’re afraid to take them anywhere. Shady Rays has great sunglasses for a great price.

The next accessory for men on the go is a good shoulder bag. Men have gone to great lengths to avoid having to wear them for years (can you believe men actually carried briefcases?), but in today’s fast-paced commuter world, they are a necessity. Thankfully Atlas Supply Co. has some great shoulder bags that look stylish and have the functionality today’s man needs.

The Hair

The crunchy hair gel of the previous century is gone. The 21st-century man has moved on to products that last all day and can be touched up if needed. When considering what type of hair product to use, the modern man goes organic! Organic pomades are cleaner and healthier for your hair. 


With these tools and more to come, the 21st-century man will continue to innovate and pave a path of future success for rising generations.