The Most Efficient Way To Clean Beauty Blender

Hello, my beautiful ladies! Ready for some helpful tips regarding makeup? I bring the best ones for your convenience. I guess that the beauty blender is your favorite makeup tool, apart from your brush collection. The best thing is that you can use it in many different ways. You blend your foundation so that it lies perfectly on your skin and there is no visible line on the neck. Also, you use it to blend your corrector and sometimes even to settle it with banana powder. At the end of the day, your beauty blender ends dirty and all covered with foundation. The moist sponge is the perfect base for the development of bacteria, unfortunately. Bacteria find humid spots the perfect place for living, so it is very likely that yours is full of them. The only way to get rid of the unwanted germs is to properly clean beauty blender and store it.

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Not sure about how to clean yours? With a microwave of course. I will share the best method with you.

How To Clean Your Beauty Blender In A Microwave

Although it might sound strange to you, a microwave is the best solution in order to clean beauty blender. A study showed that the microwave can kill unwanted germs and bacteria. This is a pretty helpful solution, as you really don’t need any of them right on top of the skin.

How do you do this? The process is very simple. Find a small bowl that is allowed to be used in the micro. Dampen the beauty blender and place it in the bowl. Put it in the micro for a half minute. When it is done, take it out carefully. The hot water might burn you, so wait for it to cool off. All of the bacteria is killed now, and you can use it safely. Once done, wash your beauty blender using soap. This will remove the residues, leaving you with a nice and clean beauty sponge. Leave it aside, so it will become completely dry.

Now you have a germ-free and clean beauty blender! You can pat down your skin, without being afraid that it will provoke acne. Repeat the procedure once in a month for the best results.