The Necessity of Education in Today’s Fashion World

The Necessity of Education in Today’s Fashion World

The Necessity of Education in Today’s Fashion World

Fashion Relevance; is there a meaningful career in fashion? One may wonder. The answer is an absolute yes. If you are an artistic and creative individual, and you are passionate about fashion, by all means, pursue your ambitions. There are tons of career paths that you could follow, including:

  • Fashion Design
  • Hair Stylist
  • Make- up artist
  • Textile Design
  • Fashion journalist

There’s so much that ought to be considered if you want to practice fashion. To begin with, you must get an education. This will set you apart from those who lack one giving you an upper hand when looking for a job. 

It is, however, unfortunate that not many people take fashion education seriously or as a leading career hustle. Let us try to burst that bubble misconception by looking at some key factors that make fashion a lucrative career to pursue:

  • Demand

Fashion has been in existence for as long as we were born. It was existent even before our parents were born. This then means that getting an education in fashion is not useless. In design school, you learn how to be innovative and creative with different pieces. With the knowledge you acquire in college, you can learn how to be an authentic designer; hence your pieces are readily accepted in the market. The secret to customer loyalty is selling unique pieces.

  • Influence

Celebrities and social media influencers determine how well the public recognizes a brand. For example, if Beyoncé were to wear a Gucci cap, you can bet that the majority of youngsters in America would rush to the store to buy the same hat. This is common due to the status that famous people carry. People tend to idolize or instead look at such people as role models; hence they would try to emulate their lifestyle. An endorsement from a celebrity is thus an excellent boost for anyone in fashion design. 

  • Trends

Society tends to move with trends not only in fashion and beauty but also with furniture, electronics, cars, etc. To be a great fashion expert, you ought to go to college and pursue a basic degree, and even progress further to a master’s degree. Education not only gives you status in the fashion world but equips you with management skills. Also, it complements the skills you accumulate with experience, thereby making you a highly ranked designer.

  • Diversity

Your ultimate goal when pursuing a career in fashion is to one day own a brand. Not just a brand but a famous brand. How, then, do you achieve this? Get an education in fashion. Not only will you be learned, but you will increase your chances of a promotion. Eventually, you may see yourself as a Fashion Design manager. This is possible due to the other skills you learned in school that may not be taught in the industry.

Going to college to study fashion and design is necessary as you also learn to research the best essay writing service for your fashion design essay. Other relevant units, such as communication and conflict management skills, are taught to improve your interpersonal skills. These are very necessary when practicing your career because you need to know how to deal with people of different personalities. 

Top 3 Ranked Fashion Schools in the US

You don’t want a mere degree from your alma mater. You are most definitely looking for a school that has graduated gurus in the fashion industry. So, when you go on a hunt for the best leads in America, consider the schools listed below:

  • Parsons, The New School for Design

Besides fame, Parsons has graduated from the crème de la crème in the fashion industry. Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Chris Benz, among many others, are but a few of the famous designers molded in this majestic design school.

  • Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

The legendary Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Francisco Costa, Reem Acra, among other fashion household names, are some of the alumni that have honed their skill in fashion design from (FIT) in New York.

  • Kent State University

This is a college you can never go wrong with if you want to pursue a fashion design course. Kent has a unique factor where it enables its students to study abroad programs in fashion dominated cities, i.e., Paris, Milan, etc. Among the companies, its graduates secure jobs include; Bergdorf Goodman, Calvin Klein Underwear, the Jones Group, etc.

When looking to hone your skills in fashion, you ought to consider a school that has goodwill in the market. One which the public and hirers are confident in. If you ever want to do a fashion degree, the colleges mentioned above will grant you an extremely reliable certificate.