The perfect makeup for a destination wedding

A destination wedding is an exciting event that brings together family and friends from all over the world to celebrate a couple’s love and commitment. Whether a romantic Aruba cruise or a mini affair halfway up a mountain, a destination wedding is a unique and memorable experience, but it also poses specific challenges when it comes to makeup. 

For a destination wedding, there are a variety of considerations that don’t apply to a traditional church ceremony. A bride has to think about the climate, the location, and the style of the wedding when choosing her look, which is why it is essential to have a strategy in place. Makeup for a destination wedding needs to last all day, look great in photographs, and stay fresh even in more extreme climates. 

In this article, we will discuss how to pack the perfect makeup for a destination wedding, covering everything from skincare to final touch-ups.

Pre-wedding skincare

Makeup prep for a destination wedding begins before the big day. It is important to take care of the skin to ensure that it looks healthy, hydrated, and glowing when it matters. Brides should start their skincare routine several weeks in advance, using products that hydrate and protect the skin, to give it the gorgeous glow that no makeup can replace. Sunscreen is vitally important, to ensure your skin is fully protected in the run-up to the nuptials, and this is particularly important for destination weddings, which often take place in exotic locations with warm climates. Additionally, brides should avoid any harsh products or treatments that can irritate or dry out the skin before the big day.

Choosing the right foundation

A good foundation is the key to flawless, long-lasting makeup. For a destination wedding, it is important to choose a foundation that provides full coverage, is sweat-proof, and stays in place even in more extreme climates where the weather might be hotter or more humid than you are used to. Liquid or cream-to-powder foundations are good options, as they provide good coverage without feeling heavy on the skin.

Picking the right eye makeup

Getting the eyes right is a huge part of any bridal look, but it can be a challenge to keep eye makeup in place in hot and/or humid climates. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner go without saying, as they won’t run or smudge even in extreme conditions. When it comes to eyeshadow, brides should choose a long-lasting, crease-resistant formula that stays in place all day. Neutral shades, such as browns, beiges, and golds, are a good choice, as they are versatile and complement a variety of skin tones.


Ensuring you’ve got your lip color spot in is a vital part of your destination wedding look. Destination weddings tend to be more colorful and extravagant affairs than the more traditional ceremonies, so you can feel free to get a little creative and wild with your lips. A lip stain or a lip tint is a good choice, as they provide a pop of color that lasts all day. Brides should also bring a lip balm or lip gloss to keep the lips hydrated and prevent them from drying out in the heat.

Touch-ups and maintenance

Touching up your makeup throughout the day is part of any wedding, and is particularly important for a destination wedding where makeup might melt or fade in hot or humid climates. Brides should carry a touch-up kit that includes essentials such as blotting papers, a powder compact, and lipstick or lip gloss. Touch-ups should be done regularly to ensure that the makeup stays in place and looks fresh and fabulous all day long!