The Special Day Spot – Choosing the Destination for Your Outdoor Wedding

How do you picture the scene for your wedding day? I know I’ve thought about the prospect of mine many times.

What we tend not to think about is the amount of planning involved. How many do I invite? Do we have it in a church or not?

However, these days, the idea of outdoor weddings has become increasingly popular. Saying vows with a celebrant in front of family and friends surrounded by a beautiful natural backdrop is something many couples are choosing instead of the common church wedding.

So when it comes to choosing a location, what do you envision? Is it a simple beach with a few witnesses, or a country winery among the vines?

Well here are some of my tips for what to consider when picking a great location for your outdoor wedding, and how to make it work for your perfect day.

Exposure to the Elements:

A primary factor you should consider when choosing an outdoor wedding is that you will have exposure to nature’s mood.

Wedding marquee hire in Melbourne is a wise choice, especially with the mantra of “four seasons in one day.”

That way, if Mother Nature does turn sour, you and your guests can still enjoy the ceremony and frivolity of the day whether storm or shine. A marquee also allows for an outdoor wedding with the comfort of an indoor arrangement.

Guest capacity:

Another factor to consider when arranging an outdoor wedding location is the capacity of people it can hold.

While a beach or a park may be a lovely setting, these areas are well open to the public. So, when considering your outdoor wedding setting, it’s best to think how you’re going to arrange it.

Are you going to have it in a secluded section of the location? When it comes to public parks, do you need a permit to hold the ceremony?

As I hinted in my introduction, maybe you’d like a vineyard setting. Can they create a seating arrangement for your guests? Do they host functions?


Yes, it may dampen the fantasy, but much like planning any party, factor in how much you are able to spend.

What with the dress, cake and guest expenses, you don’t want to blow out by finding the dream venue, only to find it blows out with the price tag.

Business Insider contributor, Daniella Brandy, along with financial planner, Adele Martin, recommend setting a realistic budget. They also say that you should “check carefully if the package offers everything you want.”

Distance for Guests:

When considering your wedding location, especially an outdoor destination, make sure it is viable for your guests.

You don’t want to invite a heap of guests if more than half can’t attend because it is too far away, or because it may include an airfare, they may not be able to afford.

According to Lifehacker, “don’t invite them out of obligation or guilt” just because they may be a close family member if you rarely get to see them.

Combine the ceremony and reception:

One way to make planning the destination for your outdoor wedding is to have the ceremony and reception in the same pace.

This can be logical as it can save your budget as well as time and distance for you and your guests.

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, having a reasonable break between each will help it flow seamlessly. Having a plan if it is a long wait is advisable, but “60 to 90 mins is fine.”

There are my tips for what to consider when choosing your outdoor wedding destination. May you have a fairytale day!