The Trendiest Ideas For Your New Year Nails

Are you looking for some trendy ideas for your New year nails? I have the best ones to share with you guys, so make sure that you don’t miss this post!

If you lack ideas and inspiration, then you have found the perfect place for you. I always love to share helpful tips and ideas with all my ladies. This year, we have lots of trends going on. And you would want to consider them when you do your nails. I will guide you through the latest trends so that you can pick your favorite. Let’s get started ladies!

Emerald green and Christmas trees

If you are looking for an elegant design that has the Christmas vibes without looking childish, this is definitely it. The gold accents will add a dose of glam.

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Plaid pattern and deer

The time around Christmas is perfect for this kind of pattern. The dark green color will add the holiday feeling.

Blue and silver glitter

Blue and silver is an all-time favorite combo for the Christmas tree. Why not try it with the nails as well? This pattern brings visual interest while looking so festive and glam.

Black and gold New year nails

Don’t forget to get some New year inspired stamps. This design will show you how to do the best combination.

Plaid red and gold glitter

If you love warm color tones, then this would become your favorite. There is something special about red and gold combination. Add the plaid design and your nails are all ready for the New year.

Matte blue with golden details

Jewel tones have that special glam look, perfect for celebrating the New year. Add some gold stones and your glam look is all complete.

Matte red nails and sparkly stones

Red is a bold color that you can stick with for special occasions such as New year. Add some sparkly stones for the elegant look.

Blue glitter and “happy new year” sign

A new year sign is an excellent idea for your festive manicure, so don’t miss it.

Black and gold manicure

Black and gold is a famous elegant combo. This time, don’t forget to incorporate the year as well. It will result in Instagram-worthy pictures of your nails!

Glitter moon

If you prefer bold looks, then this one is for you. Black nails will look so glam when combined with glittery moons.

Starry galaxy nails

When it comes to New year, you can play with anything sparkly. Make sure that you get your glitter and stars.

Sparkle and glitter