The Truth Behind Sleeping With Makeup

If you are the kind of person who thinks before bed “I am tired, I will clean my make up in the morning”, then this article is for you. It is not needed to be a professional in dermatology to know that once you go to sleep with your makeup on, you are ‘murdering’ your skin. Even though we came to this topic before, we will do it with more details so you fully understand what is at stake about your health. There is an unspeakable truth behind going to sleep with your makeup products on and that is what we are going to discuss further on.

Going to bed without properly washing your face can have a cumulative harmful effect in your face skin, eyes, eyelashes and even to the sheets of the bed. What really happens to you while you decide to do this mistake?

The Truth Behind Sleeping With Makeup

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  • Pores get clogged

Sleeping with makeup on is damaging your pores. Since many products have ingredients based on silicone products, your pores will get blocked and they won’t be able to breathe. When the pores are blocked the skin gets bumpy, and worst, if you are acne-prone it will lead to breakouts. You are voluntarily damaging your skin by neglecting to remove makeup at the end of the day.

  • Acne comes to hunt you

Our skin never stops working, just like our heart. Skin is made up of water, protein, lipids and different minerals and chemicals. Skin also has its pores, which allow us to sweat and secrete sebum, a natural lubricant that moisturizes the skin and nurtures it, by removing dead skin cells and other irritating particles from our pores. When the makeup is applied in our skin, we are blocking our pores from releasing this sebum, which may lead to visibly larger pores and acne overtime. Another thing that can trigger a bad reaction from your skin is the pressure of your face on a pillow, that can grind makeup into hair follicles, leading once again to clogged pores acne.

  • Damaging skin cells

Since you are harming your face skin, in result, skin cells are also damaged by the practice of sleeping with makeup. It is possible that makeup will trap environmental pollutants that can damage skin cells, including collagen, leading to premature skin aging. If you want to look younger, sleeping with your makeup on is not the way to accomplish it.

  • The reparatory process is unable to work

While we are at rest, our bodies regenerate. The same holds to our skin. Skin repairs itself while we are sleeping and if we have makeup on our face the process will be unable to work as it should.

  • The skin gets dull

Dull, sallow and parched. This is the way your skin will look if you wear makeup and you don’t remove it correctly. Besides, it will become unhealthy and hard to recover the glow and smoothness of it. Just like a horse needs constant grooming to be healthy, washing your face before sleeping time – furthermore if you have makeup on – will make wonders to keep you hydrated and vigorous.

  • Your eyes get irritated and eyelashes can break off

Sleeping with your makeup will result as well with your eyes puffy and irritated. If you don’t clean your eye makeup, like mascara, shadows or eyeliner, this whole area will be red and irritated. Lashes have the function of protecting us from environmental pollutants, so when we don’t wash it correctly our immune system will react like it is fighting off an infection. Besides, eyelashes might get weaker and fall from your eyes. After this, you won’t have the proper protection to your eyes, in your daily life.

  • Making a mess of the sheets

Leaving behind residues in your sheets while you sleep with your makeup on is not a clever idea. This is a nasty cycle because if on nights you clean your skin when you go to bed you will be resting in the bacteria field, makeup covered. Once again, you will harm your skin because the other day you didn’t remove your makeup and the bacteria stayed in the sheets.

Removing your makeup before you go to sleep is a part of your routine that you shouldn’t forget. The same way you eat, wash your body and brush your teeth, your face skin also needs care and protection. Wearing makeup is essential in many women’s lives and it still can be done without no damage if correctly removed after the day.