The Ultimate Guide On Minimalist Style+10 Simple Outfit Ideas You Will Love

We know that less is more. Sometimes details can clutter the whole look. If you are up for that “clean” look, you should go with minimalist style. It is classy and never fading trend that will look good on everyone. Actually, it is suitable for every occasion. You can go minimal with everyday outfits, as much as you can go with evening ones. Even special occasions. The possibilities are endless!

The Basics

Minimalist style is all about using less, while achieving the classy look. A good idea is to invest in pieces that can go with various combinations. Not using too much color is the first rule of minimalism. You should go for simple look. Clear and strong lines are the other. They give that expensive and classy note. Simple patterns are okay. Putting accents to the stripes is a good way to start.

Here we have 10 ideas for simple and minimalist outfits that can be worn for various occasions!

1.Striped shirt+ High waisted jeans

Simple patterns, such as stripes are considered to be suitable. High waisted jeans, that are simple and have no details or studs are the perfect match with this.

2.Boyfriend jeans + Trench coat

Simplicity is the finest. Trench coats with straight and strong lines are a must have when it comes t

3. Nude + White

Enjoy the simplicity of this color combination. Nude and white give that natural and clean look.

4. Velvet skirt + Crop top

When you are not using color in your outfit, use texture instead. This outfit, that matches a crop top with a velvet pencil skirt look worth trying.

4. White shirt + Black jeans

This one is a classic, but it is worth mentioning.

5. Black sweater + Trousers

You can never go wrong with this one.

6. Puffy-sleaved shirt + Eye-catching bag

Keep it simple, but eye-catching in the same time.

7. Dark grey + Black

Another great combination of colors that will do the thing.

8. T-shirt + Blazer

The classic blazer with clear lines will go perfectly with a simple mono colored T-shirt.

9. Eye-catching shirt

Although mono colored, this one is truly eye-catching.

10. Sweater + Leather leggings

Again, the use of texture is important. Leather leggings can do the trick.

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