Three Ways to Make Your Engagement and Wedding Band Unique

No matter what your gender is, there are two days that will always have a special place in your memory: the day you propose to the person you love and the day that you stand up together in front of family and friends and say, “I do.” While you’ll have numerous things to help you remember those days, one constant reminder will always be your engagement and wedding bands.

The rings will be on your fingers forever, so what better way to remind yourself of how unique your personal love story is than to make the rings themselves tailored to you. When it comes to wedding bands, there are thousands of ways to make them uniquely yours. You can adjust the way the stones are inset, such as the newly popular diamond halo cluster, or even change up the metal that the bands are made of. Here are three great ways to make your wedding band a conversation starter.

  1. Don’t Forget About His Ring – One easy way to make your wedding bands pop is to remember not to focus completely on the bride. While it certainly is her day, it’s also his. Choosing from the virtually endless array of custom design mens wedding rings are one sure way to remind him of how special he is. His band can go light years beyond the traditional gold or other precious metals – literally so if you end up selecting meteorite.

Wedding bands can be crafted out of all sorts of materials. Is he a woodworker? Get a band made out of mahogany with a crushed turquoise inlay. Does he like racing or work in aerospace? A wedding band made of carbon fiber with intricately carved details will show how much you care. Putting thought into the design of his wedding band will remind him of your love every time he looks at his hand.

  1. Change Up The Band – While you can change the material of the wedding band, there are other things you can do to the bands to make your wedding bands unique. One option that has always been popular is an engraving on the interior of the band. Whether it’s the date that you two first met or a brief quote that speaks to both of you, putting that little extra touch really makes your wedding band yours. And while you might not see it every day, you’ll know it’s there.

Another bit of personalization that has gained popularity is having your fingerprints etched or engraved into the band. Or if you like, you can have the band etched with the soundwave of a message to your spouse. Your rings can do more than show your love for each other; with the image of the soundwave, you can hear them say it too.

  1. Change Up Your Engagement Stone – The third way to make your wedding and engagement set really sparkle is to remember that while diamonds are the classic choice, they aren’t the only choice. Non-traditional engagement rings have started to skyrocket in popularity. This is especially because the stone you choose can really reflect your personal taste.

Some of the more popular choices include aquamarine, topaz, emerald, and opal. Some even choose diamonds that are graded in different colors. Black diamond contrasts beautifully in a simple yellow gold setting, and a pink diamond can easily be paired with white gold or platinum to bring out its subtle hues and highlights.

And don’t forget about the cut of your stone as well. Not every stone has to be a perfect square princess cut. Pear or oval cuts make for a beautiful opportunity to design a unique nesting wedding set. And for something that really sparkles, a trilliant’s arched triangle design can really show off a non-traditional stone’s beauty.

Wedding bands are going to be that one thing that will forever remind you of those special days when the question was popped and the vows were made. And forever means that you should take care when choosing and designing your wedding bands. Don’t go for the first thing you see. Take your time and talk to a professional ring designer so that in ten or fifty years from now, your wedding and engagement rings will be a fond reminder of two of the best days in your life.