Tips For Achieving Clearer Skin

Out of all of the different things that we would like to take place with our skin, acne breakouts definitely isn’t one of them.  We spend so much time on our makeup and hair trying to look our best and testing new fun products out, and acne can really ruin things, and nobody wants to have their fun ruin.  Prevention is definitely the best medicine when it comes to acne. The following are 10 useful tips to help you prevent acne.

Change your pillowcase weekly: No matter what position you happen to sleep in, during the night your pillowcase will collect oil and dirt from your hair and face, especially if you do a lot of tossing and turning, and every night you will be putting this stuff on your face.  Every week change your pillowcase to prevent this type of buildup.

Tips For Achieving Clearer Skin

Keep your hands off of your face.  You don’t even want to think about how much bacteria there is on your hands (between doorknobs, elevator buttons, keyboards and other things you touch or come into contact with).  When you touch your face that bacteria is going onto your skin. If you need some way to keep your hands distracted, hold onto something that you can play with (like a stress ball or pen) to keep yourself from touching your face.

Cut back on how much greasy food you eat: Excess oil is one of the main causes of acne, so eating greasy foods is a definite no-no when you are attempting to prevent pimples.  Rather than fried foods, eat baked ones instead, and if possible, completely eliminate fatty, fast food.

Use a cleanser containing salicylic acid: For women who are aware that they have acne-prone skin, using a salicylic acid cleanser can really be lifesaving since it is a major agent that prevents and fights against acne.  Use it all over your face twice per day and moisturize after since acne-fighting cleansers have a tendency to dry your skin out somewhat.

Wash your face prior to going to the gym and after as well.  When you exercise, even where you don’t have makeup on, your skin has pollutants and bacteria on it already, which will get inside of your pores and then combined with perspiration as you are working out according to Dore Aesthetics.  That is why it is important to wash your face prior to going to the gym.  Then after you are done at the gym, immediately remove the dirt and sweat so that it doesn’t get inside of your pore, which may clog and then result in acne.  The same is true for your body. To avoid getting body acene get out of your sweaty clothes and take a shower as soon as possible after exercising.

Wear less makeup: when you can, skip wearing an entire face full of foundation, and use just concealer in certain places, so your entire face doesn’t end up with potentially clogged up pores.

Wash your hands first before washing your face: Nobody thinks of doing this, but it really does make sense.  If your hands are used to wash your face rather than a washcloth, but your hands aren’t cleaned first, then all of the bacteria on your hands is going onto your skin directly and then you are rubbing it in.  For best results, first, wash your hands before you cleanse your face.

Reduce your stress: One of the biggest causes of acne breakouts is stress, so when you reduce it, your skin issues will be reduced as well.  So whether listen to soothing music, start writing, practice yoga, find a couple of ways to reduce your stress since your skin will be dramatically helped by this.

Exercise two times per week at least: In addition to reducing stress, exercising helps to increase your blood flow, which results in your skin getting more oxygen to keep it clean and fresh.  You will be flushing out toxins and bacteria from your skin, which also helps to prevent acne from occurring.

Use a separate towel for your face: If you use the same towel to dry your hands that you do to dry your face, then that excess bacteria on your hands might be getting on your face, and that may cause acne.  Use a separate towel on your face to help prevent you from getting acne from the towel that you use to wash your hands or the one used after taking a shower.