Tips for Choosing the Best Dress and Skirt for You

Finding a nice party dress, elegant and fashionable is very easy considering the number of models available to us today in stores.

The tricky part is finding the dress that best feels to your figure, which enhances your body parts more attractive and fits perfectly with your style.

Here are some tips, so you know how to choose a party dress according to your body and get to feel safe in any event.

Type shaped body inverted triangle. This body type is the opposite of the past. The woman who is having large breasts and almost no hip or buttock.

The dress that suits you best is one that above is not bulky, wearing v-shaped neck or V-shaped necklaces, avoid short necklaces, ornaments or details that draw attention to your shoulders. A dress that accentuates the waist or having some belt will be ideal for you.

The party venue

The place where the party is made also influence the choice of dress. Usually models are often used long, they reach at least to the ankles.

However, the type of event concerned and the place where they perform will be crucial to pick the right dress.

For weddings, for example, you should never choose a white model for that is the purely unique color of the bride.

Whereas for graduations, if you attend as a guest, you must wear a casual dress style, while graduates agree with a more elegant dress and, of course, long.

For concerts of favorite artists or night parties you are free to choose some bright, short trendy dresses.


Tips for Choosing the Best Dress and Skirt for You


This aspect has to do with the weather, if your event is a wedding on the beach, try to choose an evening dress with gauzy fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and feel fresher.

If instead, it is an event in the city, considered the possibility of choosing a more nurturing evening dress that you do not go cold.

For a little too thin and shaped figure and forth. They present the appropriate style cut those dresses flared.

The can easily recognize and which are characterized by being tight at the waist and hips will slightly loose.

Try out the torso covered to prevent highlight the extreme thinness of your body. This means you can not consider dresses with strapless neckline type because is when you highlight your thinness.


Try to choose and buy one of the best smart dress at least four weeks before the party, for surely require some modification to achieve a proper fit.

If it is a celebration day, always choose short dresses. Leave the long night for the holidays.

Avoid shiny fabrics; they are never a good choice. Opt for gauze, tulle or silk are the most elegant fabrics.

Well, we have already discuss the principal tips for choosing the best dress for you. But another good choice instead of dress is a skirt. Then, let’s look how to choose the best skirt silhouette for your body.

Throughout history, the skirt is a key piece in the daily lives of women, with the steps the years have gone year after year adapting to the current fashion.

The secret to choosing the perfect skirt is to know your body type, keep in mind the occasion and foremost feel comfortable.

Here are some basic tips that you have to consider to keep the style:

It is highly recommended to use the shoe with a little heel height to win and stylize your image. Another essential accessory to combine with skirts are belts, whether wide or narrow, to help define your waist.

Prevents material skirt not your hips and thighs sticking, rejecting tight elastic fabrics. The skirt can not create horizontal lines in your body. Doing so is because the material is of poor quality or are taking a very small size.

Ideal for all women is knee length. If you are short, you can use it an inch or two above to see more stylized, but always avoid carrying below the knee to the middle of your calf as you will make it short.

Long skirts can be casual daytime (cotton and lace hippie or beach-style) or formal parties.

Miniskirts, only recommend it to people below 35 years with very good legs and depending on the occasion. It is far better a sensual and elegant image with a tube-skirt to the knees, a very short skirt and too striking not necessarily favor you.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dress and Skirt for You

Women with wide hips and leg, try to find skirts in dark colors without designs, except for skirts with thin vertical stripes stylize your image. However, if you have little hips and buxom, you can opt for skirts with light colors to give balance to your image.

What kind of skirt fit your body?

Skirts straight: It’s a classic style and usually favors all body types. Ideal for a daily look combined with a notched bag or just a blouse for an elegant look.