Tips How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days of a married couple’s relationship. Because of this, making sure this special day is a success requires a lot of planning.

The to-do list can be quite extensive, including:

  • Searching for the bride’s dress,
  • Coordinating food and décor,
  • Selecting and writing Thank You Notes, and,
  • Planning the Honeymoon, to name a few.

Before the actual wedding day, there are many vendors that a couple must select, and one area of focus is on choosing a wedding photographer

An important part of wedding planning is also choosing an ideal location. A lot of couples are beginning to embrace the idea of destination weddings. The reason for this is simple – it all comes down to the memories and experience they get to have in such destinations.

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is an example of one such destination, given that every wedding service can be handled by your hotel. In these cases, it is even easier to find and book a professional Punta Cana photographer.

So, how do you choose a photographer for  your wedding? In order to take some amazing pictures that will last many years after your wedding, you need to look for fabulously talented photographer. This is not always an easy process – and you may need to review several photographers’ profiles before you make the decision. Here are a few tips to help you in choosing a wedding photographer!

Look at the profiles of different photographers

The first step in picking a wedding photographer is to look through lists of vendors on wedding websites or a local search. These usually include different photographer profiles, and you can easily click through the portfolio to get a sense of the photographer’s philosophy and style.

Keep an eye out for someone who has the type of style that you like. Someone who shares your taste will be much easier to work with. Contact the photographers in your shortlist and have a meeting to ensure you mesh well.

Schedule a meeting

After you have selected your photographer, or shortlisted a few, try to meet them in person. You will use this meeting as an opportunity to get to know them a bit more.

Make sure you ask as many questions as possible, especially to confirm if you share the same values. At the end of your meeting, you should be able to decide whether you will continue with them or not.

It is also important to meet regularly, in order to form a relationship with your photographer. The familiarity definitely helps you gain trust and comfort before your big photo shoot.

Discuss lighting for your wedding

It is important to accept the fact that the best wedding photos are taken in daylight. That being said, some couples weddings take place in a night setting (outdoors) or in darker rooms. In such cases, it is important to look for a photographer who has a lot of experience in taking pictures in these types of settings.

Looking at your photographer’s portfolio for any pictures in venues with limited lighting is important. But don’t spend too much time here, as daytime weddings don’t really cause this issue, and many photographers can also come prepared with special equipment, if they know about darker rooms, in advance.

Read reviews and recommendations for the photographer

Every wedding photographer has a profile on some platform which has likely been reviewed. This makes it easier for individuals looking through options to make their decision.

It’s also great to get a recommendation from any friends who have worked with a photographer they felt satisfied with.

In addition, looking at the rates of different photographers can make this process even easier. You can look at previous work and be more confident with the photographer you want to choose.

Check if pricing is in line with your budget

One of the most important tips for choosing a wedding photographer is to look at the costs. This is very important because many photographers offer their services as a package.

There may be additional pieces in the package that will require additional expenses. Therefore, you have to:

  • Clearly understand what you are signing up for,
  • Consider the likeliness of additional expenses, and
  • Identify and pay for the services you really need.

Discuss editing with the photographer

It is not wise to assume that the images put on a photographer’s profile are straight from the camera. There is a lot of work that goes into making the pictures a bit more eye-catching after the wedding.

Make sure you look at the post-processing or editing skills of different photographers before you pick the one you are most impressed with.


Choosing a wedding photographer does not have to be very difficult. All you need is a little patience and a bit of time to review as many profiles as you can.

There is a photographer for everyone, and you will certainly find a photographer who will understand what you are looking for, and who knows exactly which methods to use to capture every emotion that will make your wedding perfect.