Tips to Surprise Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day by Gifting Flowers

With the advent of February, all lovebirds start getting ready with plans that would best demonstrate their deep love for their partner. Gifting flowers is certainly one of the most conventionally appropriate and accepted ways of doing that for lovers universally. If you are married you would be planning how to make the Valentine’s Day, a grand celebration for your beloved wife.

The flowers chosen by you and the manner in which you present them to your dear wife would speak volumes about the way you feel so it is necessary for you to devote a lot of time and pay attention to smaller details. If you are wondering which flowers to buy and what would be working best to surprise your wife, you need not worry at all. Follow the tips discussed below and make the Valentine’s Day a grand success.

Find Out Her Preferences

You must observe and investigate what exactly her preferences and tastes are. Try to know what her favorite flowers actually are. Try looking for hints rather than blatantly asking her and ruining the surprise. Does she use a floral perfume or flower stationery? If you are newly married and not very sure about your wife’s choice of flowers, you could ask her relatives and friends as they may know what her favorite blossoms are. This could be a critical step as it demonstrates to your wife that you are not simply buying her flowers but also taking the trouble to find out the specific flowers that she really loves. Your wife would be truly impressed. For you, half the battle is won!

Start Being Creative

If you are still not quite sure about what flowers to gift your wife, you would be tempted to follow the safest route with beautiful red roses. That would certainly be the safest bet. However, you could be a little more imaginative and creative if you wish to stand out from the rest. You may try something different to win your wife’s heart and give her a surprise with your choice of flowers. You may want to do something special for your spouse by choosing a bouquet of unusual flowers.

You may buy the exotic orchids as a striking Valentine’s Day special gift to your beloved wife. Orchids last longer and do not wither away quickly. Your wife could feel good for a longer span of time. You could choose Birds of Paradise, a stunning tropical beauty as it would be a great gift that would last longer too. If your wife has a cheerful personality, you may gift her daisies and Gerbera in vibrant colors. Send lilies to your wife as they could be a great pick for a distinguished and elegant lady with refined tastes.

Give a Thought to the Color

Choose the right color while choosing flowers. Different colored flowers have different meaning and significance. So choose flowers with care. Red roses are a big hit as a Valentine’s Day gift because red symbolizes romance. They stand for passion and romantic love. You may not necessarily go for red roses. You may buy purple, pink, or even white roses because all of them are quite stunning and would steal everybody’s heart. White flowers demonstrate pure love, pink stands for tender affection and purple is all about desire and passion. Avoid yellow blooms as they are symbolic of friendship.

Conclusion: Plan the Magical Moment

Before the final countdown begins, you must have it all figured out as to how the flowers are going to be presented to her. You may send them to her office and give her a big surprise. If you are leaving for your office before she does, you may leave the flowers on her bedside stand. It should be the first thing that she would see on such a special day. This gesture would certainly make her day.