Top 4 Home Remedies You Can Use For Human Hair Extension Care

Most of the time we believe that human hair extensions are high maintenance and extravagantly expensive to maintain. You might be thinking that that using pricey products are best for your human hair extensions, but you would be in awe to know that not all organic, over the counter products, will do the trick. Sometimes the simplest things that you can find in your home can do magic in making your precious wefts last longer. If you want to know what simple home recipes can enhance the shine, luster, and lifespan of your hair extensions, then try these four easy to find household ingredients combination.

Honey Hydration

Yes, you got it right, you can keep your human hair extensions moisturized and hydrated with just a combination of honey and extra virgin olive oil. Use this mixture as a conditioner, and you will never worry about your hair extensions becoming dry and frizzy.  Honey has an in-depth conditioning feature that helps hair strands retain moisture all throughout the day. If you have clip in extensions, you can put it on ziplock bag with this honey-olive oil mixture and let it sit for hours and have a soft, shiny set of hair extensions.

Coco Leave in conditioner

If you want to keep your tape in hair extensions strong and withstand the test of time, then try applying coco as a leave-in conditioner. Coconut is a popular remedy from all over the world in keeping the hair healthy and protected from damage. Coconut is packed with proteins and vitamins that help prevent hair breakage. You can take advantage of a pure coconut milk formula or mix it with honey or olive oil, just put it on a spray bottle and whisk through your hair or apply it while your hair is still damp. Just don’t forget to take off the oil part if you will be using it for your tape in hair extensions or glued wefts as it will shed off the glue from your extensions.

Lemon Zest

You can create your own hair freshener with the help of fresh lemon juice and rosemary oil. Just mix three-part pure lemon zest and one part rosemary oil with some water in a spray bottle. This concoction comes in handy when you are out in the sun for a long time, and you want to keep your hair from having unpleasant odors, plus this will also keep your extensions shiny and fresh all throughout the day!

Cleanse with baking soda

Organic and sulfate free shampoos are the usual products being used as human hair extensions cleanser. But not all the time these products are available, if you find your self out of budget or if you can’t seem to find organic shampoo elsewhere. Make a bath for your hair extensions, simply put a tablespoon of baking soda and dissolve it on lukewarm water, then soak your clip in extensions, this will get rid of the dirt and oil on your extensions and has properties of deodorizing.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to hurt your pockets in making sure that your human hair extensions get the tender love and care it deserves. Sometimes you just need to open your kitchen cabinet doors and do a little research.