Top Best Selling Football Jerseys To Look Out For In 2016

Thousands of fans around the world are crazy about soccer games. Apart from just cheering up their favorite team, people show off their love and support to the team by buying the soccer jerseys. The price of the jerseys depends on the performance of the team. The more number of wins the team boasts to have, the price of the jerseys go up.

There are a few best selling soccer jerseys that are popular among the fans. Most of them are high on price, but you can manage to buy them at cheaper rates using discounts. The top best selling soccer jerseys that you will find in the market this season are:

Real Madrid

On the top of the list comes the jersey of Real Madrid. The team has successfully won a number of trophies in different soccer games. The jersey is white in colour and gives an overall sophisticated look. Due to the popularity of the team, around one and a half million jerseys are produced every year. As symbolizing one of the top football teams of the world, the price of the jersey is quite high. Using Dealslands uk discounts at the stores can help you get them at better rates. So if you too are one of the Real Madrid fans, get one jersey for yourself and cheer for your team.

Manchester United

The jersey of Manchester United is red in colour along with the Manchester United logo. Around 1.4 million jerseys are produced every year due to its popularity.


The red blue striped jersey of Barcelona is amazing in looks. The league produces 1.14 million jerseys every year. No doubt the jersey is quite pricey, but if you are a hardcore fan of the team you can never say no to it.


Chelsea is a football team from United Kingdom. The jersey is blue in colour and best in quality. Samsung produces the jersey for the team and more than 9 lac jerseys are produced every year.

Bayern Munich

The jersey of Bayern Munich comes in colour combination of red and black. The rear side of the jersey is in red colour. The fans of this football team can be happy as the jerseys are available at affordable prices. Around 8,80,000 jerseys are produced every year.


Like Chelsea, Liverpool is another football from United Kingdom. The Liverpool jerseys come in dark red colour and is quite attractive. You can even get this lovely jerseys at a very discounted price from our Nike store page. The team sells a large number of jerseys every year as the team is much popular among the masses. The jersey is made using a soft material which makes it comfortable to wear.


The football team is much popular and has a huge fan following. For the same reason, they sell out a large number of jerseys every year. The jersey is designed with a combination of white and orange colour. Every year 8,00,000 jerseys are produced by well-known brand like Adidas.


Juventus jerseys come in the combination of black and white colour. The jerseys are quite affordable and so for the same reason, a large number of soccer fans buy them for the matches. Around 480000 jerseys are produced every year.

Inter Milan

The jersey of Inter Milan come in the combination of black and blue stripes. Many people love it just for its colour. The jerseys are long lasting because of high-quality material. Around 425000 jerseys are produced every year.

AC Milan

The jerseys of AC Milan have alternative stripes of black and red colour. AC Milan jerseys are produced and sold every year during the soccer season. They keep on changing the design of the jersey every year.

So if you are planning to cheer and support a soccer team this season, why not get your jersey today from this bestselling?