Turning Your Plain Makeup Mirror Into An Antique Vanity Mirror

Antique mirrors are magnificent yet beautiful. The charm they can add to your room is priceless. With geometric patterns on the corner and gemstones glued to the sides, antique mirrors are a must-have if you are a history enthusiast. And have a taste for some artsy furniture.

What’s more? Antique mirrors are available in a variety of choices. And you can use these mirrors as makeup mirrors. Or you can even turn your plain makeup mirror into an elegant antique mirror. 

With the discoveries of more and more historical settlement, designs from every part of the history have come into being. And due to the popularity of antique mirrors, glassmakers have perfected the art of making antique mirror designs.

So, let us learn the various types of antique mirrors and how to turn your plain mirror into an antique mirror. 

Types of Antique Mirrors: https://www.fabglassandmirror.com/mirrors/antique-mirror


  • Gothic Mirrors

Turning Your Plain Makeup Mirror Into An Antique Vanity Mirror


Usually found in circular and oval shapes, the gothic mirror resembles a church window with ornate scrolling and carvings on the sides. The wood used to make gothic mirrors is walnut or oak.


  • Baroque Mirrors

Turning Your Plain Makeup Mirror Into An Antique Vanity Mirror


The main features of a baroque mirror are the intricate moldings that you can find on it. The mirror includes a gold or silver gilding and a very limited amount of carving is found in this Moorish style mirror.


  • Rococo Mirrors

Turning Your Plain Makeup Mirror Into An Antique Vanity Mirror


Offering a very elegant design, the Rococo style mainly features lines carved on the side. And it may have patterns of flowers or birds on the top. The frame is usually simple without too many carvings. The early Rococo designs even feature paintings on the back of the frame.


  • French Mirrors

Turning Your Plain Makeup Mirror Into An Antique Vanity Mirror


French mirrors were usually hung up towards the chimney, and the design complimented the design of the chimney. The French mirror offers a very simple design without too many lavish carvings. Paneling and hand beveled designs are mostly found on French mirrors


  • Georgian Mirrors

Turning Your Plain Makeup Mirror Into An Antique Vanity Mirror


The main focus of Georgian mirrors is symmetry. The design is plain and simple. However, the side scrolls and the beading turn this mirror into one magnificent piece of art.

Turning Your Plain Makeup Mirrors Into Antique Ones

Since original designer-made antique mirrors are expensive, it makes sense to try turning your makeup mirror into an antique vanity mirror. 

With the following steps, you can attempt to add a historical touch to your makeup mirror.

  1. Find a mirror that you can try this method on to avoid any losses 
  2. Now that you have a mirror, you need to access the backside of the mirror. It is usually painted grey and is the separating layer between the mirror and the wall. 
  3. Remove the grey layer of paint with a gel stripper. Paint the gel stripper as evenly as you can so that the layer of paint comes off easily. 
  4. Now, remove the painted layer by scraping it. Ensure that the underlying reflective surface doesn’t get damaged.  Add a quarter of bleach to three-quarters of water to use it as the misting agent. 
  5. Rub the back of the mirror evenly with the liquid agent that you have prepared. You can put in more liquid on some parts, especially, the edges if you want the mirror to have an aged look. 
  6. The spots that you leave using the liquid will now start to darken and look like big dark spots on the mirror. The mirror magically transforms into one from the golden ages. 
  7. For an even more aged look, you can let the liquid sit for a longer time. The bleach will eat away at the reflective surface, making even darker spots. 

Now that you are done with the mirror, you can start working on its edges. If your mirror has an outer layer of wood, you can include carvings on the side for a natural look. By using some paints, you can add in some designs of geometric patterns or birds to make your mirror look even classier.

Caring For Your Antique Mirror 

Now that you have your antique vanity mirror, it is our responsibility to tell you some tips to maintain the historical look and gloss of your mirror. 


  • Wipe the front with a lint-free linen cloth


If you want to maintain the natural look of your antique mirror, avoid using chemicals that can make the dark spots disappear. 

We recommend using a lint-free cloth with either methylated spirit, lukewarm water with a few drops of ammonia, or paraffin. With these liquids, you will avoid making any scratches and wipe the mirror free of any dirt particles.


  • Avoid using chemical cleaners


The chemicals found in many cleaners can be harmful and corrode the surface of your antique mirror.

Mirrors are already in a very delicate state and harsh chemicals can eat away the surface of the mirror. That’s why we recommend using natural products to clean the mirror, such as lemon juice and vinegar.  Both these liquids have a different acidity level that helps fight the dirt.

Wrapping it Up

It is easy to turn your plain mirror into an antique mirror to add value to your space. However, mirrors are fragile so you need to take proper care of them. Sloppy cleaning methods can also damage their surface. So, make sure that you put in extra effort to keep your mirror in a good shape for a long time.