Types of South-Asian Bangles: A Staple Jewellery Item

Bangles are a staple jewellery item for every wedding and a bride’s trousseau. Here are some top bangles jewellery designs for you. 

Traditional Indian Bangles are a perfect blend of heritage, culture, and artistic craft. These bangles are traditional accessories and worn around the wrist and sometimes arms, similar to bracelets. Indian bangles are typically worn on both hands, in a set of six, twelve or more, depending on the jewellery style and the occasion. Bangles hold an essential place in Indian culture, especially for older, married women.

Traditional bangles have been a part of Indian culture for centuries. However, history shows that jewellery wasn’t always made in gold or silver metals by artisans. Archaeological excavations in the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa show bangles made from metals like copper, bronze, iron, etc. They were initially painted with black or red designs and were worn both by men and women. Today, Indian bangles have become a staple accessory to bridal wear and other fancy dressing that people wear for weddings. Bangles are like a cherry on top of the overall wedding look, and there is no reason not to have them. 

Even though the designs and cuts of these bangles have become more refined and modernized in line with today’s fashion trends, the traditional touch is still there, and it makes them a must-have for every wedding. Indian bangles elevate your entire look, unlike any other jewellery piece. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and materials, from strictly traditional to modern Indo-western designs. There is plenty of choice in the types of Indian bangles and designs; let’s have a brief look.

Thread Bangles

Types of South Asian Bangles: A Staple Jewellery Item

Are you looking for something casual as well as fancy? Then go for thread bangles designs. Out of several different kinds of Indian bangles, thread bangles are among the most popular ones. You can use them in many ways, like; if you want to pair your wedding jewellery with something rustic yet charming, thread bangles are the way to go. You can also use the range of colours of these bangles to complement popular wedding functions, such as mehndi and mayun. There is then the option of multi-coloured threaded bangles that opens up a whole new set of possibilities in pairing up with wedding dresses. Some thread bangles come with beads as well, which are aesthetically mesmerising. These bangles may look heavy, but they are lightweight and add bling to your wrist, so you need not shy away from trying them.  

Polki Bangles

Types of South Asian Bangles: A Staple Jewellery Item

With gold jewellery becoming increasingly expensive these days, many people opt for alternative materials like Polki and Kundan. The trend of Polki bangles is centuries-old and hails from a rich Mughal and Rajasthani tradition. Polki bangles are beautifully crafted hand bracelets that come in plenty of variety. Mostly worn by the bride on her wedding day, some might even find the bangles attached to a finger-ring. Polki Bangles are more expensive than thread bangles, but they are also more glamorous and heavy too. So, make heads turn this wedding season and get yourself some polki bangles to complete your jewellery set. 

Kundan Bangles

Types of South Asian Bangles: A Staple Jewellery Item

Having Kundan bangles is like having royalty up your sleeve. South-Asian brides love Mughal era work on Kundankari when it comes to jewellery, especially bangles because they are not only cheap to buy but make you look regal with the right touch of glamour. Kudankari became popular during the Mughal period and has since been a constant fixture of traditional jewellery, all the way to the current times. Kundan bangles are different in shape and setting, which sets them apart from the usual bangles. They used to be circular with clasps to close them, but today you will find them mostly embellished with different patterns, designs and gemstones that look stunning with any wedding attire.

Traditional Indian Gold Bangles

Types of South Asian Bangles: A Staple Jewellery Item

Last but not least, there are the age-old, tried and tested traditional gold bangles. For many families, weddings also mark the event when gold bangles are passed from one generation to the next. This way, gold bangles take on a sentimental quality as well and become more than just an item. They are familial continuity and individual prosperity. Traditional Indian gold bangles designs are meant to be thick and broad to make them last. Intricate designs and patterns, often laden with beautiful stonework, serve to make these bangles an immensely prized possession. Owning gold bangles is a perfect choice for brides who are looking to pursue the very apex of traditional Indian jewellery. 

American Diamond Bangles

Types of South Asian Bangles: A Staple Jewellery Item

Just like the world of couture, fashion in jewellery is transforming. While some brides prefer to go down the traditional route and wear the classic Indian gold bangles, many women prefer American Diamond bangles as a western derivative of elements of the traditional Indian bangles. American diamond jewellery is optimised for contemporary fashion aesthetics, and it has become more prominent among today’s women. It is easy to carry and can be worn with any outfit on any occasion. American diamond bangles are versatile by design and can go with different kinds of outfits, making them a good investment to have in your collection. Let these bangles adorn your wrists at the next wedding you attend and radiate elegance and class.

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