Unique Bridal Gown Features You’ll Want in a Dress

Unique Bridal Gown Features Youll Want in a Dress

Buying a dress for the most special day of your life? Choose something that is beautiful, functional, fun, and personalized. 

Wedding dresses are available in various designs, colors, and sizes across the world. You can buy anything that suits you or get a unique bridal gown custom-made for you. But remember you will be wearing it for the entire day. So make sure you get a dress that is very comfortable and easy to move in. 

If you have decided to go for a unique bridal gown, here are a few features you can consider:


Pocket is the newest trend in wedding dresses. These hidden storages look chic and fashionable, apart from being functional. You will be happy to have a secret space where you can tuck in your lip gloss, tissues, your heirloom hankie, or even a secret love note that you want to pass on to your special one.

Convertible Dresses or Detachable Skirts

It would be nice to wear more than one dress on your wedding day if you want to stay stylish and feel fresh. Unfortunately, most of the time, you may neither have the budget for another dress nor the time to change into another one. So then how about a convertible dress? 

Imagine—you make a statement in your formal wedding gown, then just by unhinging the full skirt, your entire look is revitalized for your reception. You get the best of both worlds without having to change or spend thousands on a second gown.

You can find a lot of convertible wedding gowns that come in different designs and colors. From long to short, fitted to full skirt, or a lovely romantic skirt to chic-looking pants, you can try any look that suits your personal style. You can even make your own convertible wedding gown by using a detachable skirt with a bodysuit.

Decorative Buttons

Decorative buttons that trail down the back of your wedding dress can feel bohemian, modern, as well as sexy. No matter what kind of wedding dress you choose, decorative buttons have a way to fit into them perfectly.

Whether you want to add some contrast to your sheer back or sport an utterly stunning look with front or side buttons, decorative buttons are embellishments that can make any wedding gown look classy. Not only do they enhance the fitting of your dress and make you feel secure, but they are also great when it comes to concealing zippers.

Unique Sash, Belt or Bow 

Do you have the perfect dress but think it might be missing something? Try pairing it with a unique sash, belt, or even a bow.

A belt could be perfect for accentuating your waist and some extra sparkle to your wedding dress. You can choose from small and delicate ones, wide and flashy ones, and those with decorative crystals or beading to add that seamless look to your gown. You can even use it to highlight the lace, the beadwork, or any other special details of your gown. 

A bridal sash can also add a bit of glitz and glitter to your dress if chosen correctly. You can sew in a sash with a beaded applique if you are going to wear an open-backed dress. If not, you can even use a bow to add some sweetness and romance. 

Here are a few things you need to consider while choosing a belt, sash, or bow for your wedding dress:

  • Pick the color that matches your wedding dress
  • Choose a design that accentuates your dress
  • Place it in a way that highlights your curves
  • Try it on once before deciding on what to buy

Detachable Straps, Sleeves or Armbands

If you are not for the convertible wedding gown, you can get one with detachable sleeves, straps, or armbands. This will help you go strapless whenever you want and sport a new look for the rest of your wedding day.

Splash of Color 

If you are a bride who wants her guests to compliment your dress for years to come, you might want to add a splash of color to your wedding dress. Here are a few ways to reinvent your traditional wedding gown:

  • Pair it up with a flowing veil of a contrasting color
  • Make sure the train gliding down the aisle is of a different color
  • You can even add a simple ribbon of a contrasting color to your dress
  • Accessorize it with a hairpiece of different color
  • Choose a lace embellishment in a different color
  • Use different colored buttons

Choose your Own Trend To Make a Statement
The trends always keep changing when it comes to wedding dresses. But what you choose depends totally on what you like to wear and what suits you the best. Check out a few places that offer a lot of variety of wedding dresses before making your decision.