What Wedding Color Is Worth Choosing?

The big day is coming, and you do not want to look basic. White color for the wedding is classical, however, it is a bit boring simultaneously. The contemporary weddings are that creative, it is difficult to invent something new. However, there is minimum one way to be unique – it is to choose another tone but white for your ceremony and look creative. If you wish to find out what wedding color is worth choosing, then keep on reading!

Purple + Burgundy + Orange

Who said you need to choose only one color? Try several! Wedding colors can be different – the only thing you have to keep in mind is that they have to blend. An amazing combo, to our opinion, is mixing purple with burgundy with orange. Purple and burgundy are pretty similar, but orange would attract attention immediately. Of course, it does not mean you have to wear the orange dress, the purple veil, and the burgundy shoes. The combo we offer is for the details for the ceremony in general. You can have a white dress with the burgundy flowers and include the purple dishes for the table. You can put orange ribbons to the chairs and so on. Of course, our offer does not free you from the art of combining the tones and mixing them appropriately. However, what we do is suggest the perfect color combination to consider.

Silver and Dove Gray

This option is perfect for the one-tone lovers. It will look good if you have a winter wedding – the whole thing will look cold whitish. It would be easy to arrange the silver cutlery and the dove gray cake. The white dress with some small silver details would look absolutely stunning considering the wedding color themes you chose. Just imagine how good the wedding would blend with the chilly weather outside – your ceremony will be long recalled by all the guests. But do not tell us you have no time for the preparations because you are over-charged with the tedious essay writing! Come on, it is your wedding – it takes place only once and for good! Visit our Birdie Essay and get back to the ceremony fuss!

What Wedding Color Is Worth Choosing?

Emerald + Cream + Gold

The combination of emerald, cream, and gold fits perfectly for those who want a warm tone ceremony. You can have many plants (not flowers) that would give a beautiful emerald addition to your ceremony and gold cutlery. The signs with the names of the guests would look perfect on the cream paper, and you can also have a cream dress. You would look tender, beautiful, and classy simultaneously. The cream tablecloth and tissues will add a nice hint of delicacy to the overall atmosphere. Emerald, cream, and gold will be perfect for the boho-glam weddings, and it would be amazing if you asked the guests to choose the appropriate outfits for the event.

What Wedding Color Is Worth Choosing?

Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

One of the best wedding color ideas is mixing tangerine, orange, and yellow. These tones would add the brightest spot to both the interior and the outfits of the invited guests. Just think about how amazing these warm-toned colors would look on the tables, chairs, and walls! You can even have the light yellow dress if you wish to look creative! These tones would look the best if your ceremony is in the summer – the yellow tones would blend perfectly with the warm summer days. Make an accent on the flowers, and you can even use the appropriate fruit as a part of an interior – oranges, tangerines, lemons, and bananas (you can eat them afterward).

What Wedding Color Is Worth Choosing?

What do you think about the color combinations we offered? You do not have to stick to one color – mix them and get the amazing combos! Still, the way you are going to define which tone will go where stays on you. You have to distribute the colors so that it does not seem that some items are only one tone and others – of another one. The wedding is a responsible event, and you have to organize it properly: buy a beautiful dress, find the location, and decide on food. However, we believe you will do everything perfectly.