What Manscaping Men Can Learn From Womens’ Shave Habits

Shaving is a regular occurrence for most men and women. Luckily societal norms for what we shave and how frequently we shave now provide a much more broad spectrum that can suit individual preferences. For example, there are less men who shave their faces perhaps than ever before, but also a great deal of others who manscape by shaving their entire bodies. Fortunately for us men, women have been performing a similar ritual for decades. Hence, the inexperienced manscaping man stands to learn a great deal from female shaving tactics.

First, as a general rule, women shave their bodies less frequently then men shave their faces. This is particularly true in winter when the air is colder can be used as a means to retain heat. For men who manscape, the regular shave is not nearly as necessary. In fact, for some men, manscaping can simply mean a nice trim and then wait a few weeks until the hair gets long enough that it starts to curl again. Like the ladies, trimming or shaving the legs, pits and crotch area need not be a daily activity. Men with well-groomed facial hair may be more accustomed to shaving at least once a week. When it comes to the other areas, less frequent than that actually encouraged and more often preferred.

Second, women more often shave in the shower. There are several good reasons to want to shave in the shower or tub than at the sink. Shaving in the tub requires less clean-up rather than a simple rinse down the drain. Shower shaving also softens both the hair and the skin, preparing the skin and hair to be more easily cut by the razor blade. While shaving in the shower may be a bit more work for men who use a safety razor to trim their beard and body hair, it typically requires less clean up and can be more hygienic (that is, if you remove the razor and dry it off at the end of each showering session).

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for the men who shave in the shower is the cleanup. Because men produce much more hair than most women, engaging in a manscape session outside of the shower is likely to result in a longer clean-up time. Save yourself time by shaving in the shower.

Third, women are typically minimalist on shaving accouterments. That is, they are often less likely to purchase shaving cream, shaving soap or fancy aftershave. Instead, the more regular routine includes bar soap and a simple cartridge razor. Yes, a safety razor is likely a higher-quality

Finally, don’t mix the daily face shaver with the body or manscape shaver. Unless your woman is desperate or rude, she is not likely to grab your face-shaving razor to shave her legs or trim her bikini line. Instead, she has her own dedicated cartridge razor that she uses just for that purpose. Men should do the same for a number of key reasons:

  • Germs and infection. Your body carries different germs in different areas and you are more likely to pass both infection and germs by using the same razor on your face as you use on your crotch.
  • Blade sharpness. Razor blade sharpness is a critical for a quality face shave. Using your blade elsewhere will more quickly dull the blade.
  • Convenience. The sink is not in the same vicinity as the shower or tub and if you keep them separate, it makes it easier not to forget to shave the next time you are in the shower.

Whether you are a man experienced in the art of manscaping your legs and genitals or a neophyte looking for some tips on how to best run a process for shaving your entire body, take some pointers from the women in your life who likely have a much longer history of shaving their various body parts than you.