What to Wear on Your Wrist

Let’s say it’s Friday morning. You’ve got work, a plan to hit the gym afterward, and then some drinks and dancing with your friends. There’s no doubt that your outfit will change throughout the day, but what about your wrist accessories too? There are so many options available to women when it comes to adorning your wrist, but what should you wear for each occasion? Let’s find out.


You’ve selected your outfit, finished styling your hair, picked out your shoes, and are putting the last touches to your makeup, so what’s next? Choose a fashionable watch. For a woman in 2017, there are so many possibilities when it comes to a selecting a beautiful timepiece. Do you go with flashy or understated? Metal or leather strap? In the end, it really comes down to practicality and how it matches your outfit.

If, for example, you’re feeling all class and on top of the world, then we’d suggest the classic Rolex Daytona. It’s hard not to love the impeccable and sophisticated designs that Rolex are known for, and the range of watch faces and straps means that there is undoubtedly something to match your style. These rainbow options from Rolex are perhaps the pinnacle of this particular Daytona range, as they simply exude modern day elegance.


After work, you may well wish to spend an hour or so at the gym or taking a long jog. With your hair tied back and leggings and crop top, it goes without saying that a Rolex is nowhere near suitable for this type of activity, so therefore it’s wise to switch to a form of fitness watch. The Apple Watch has a good reputation for being worn during sports activities thanks to a range of health tracking features, but if you find this too cumbersome for fitness, then there are other possibilities as well.

The market in fitness trackers is flourishing. Like watches, it’s really all about personal preference and overall functionality, as perhaps how the tracker looks is less of a concern when it comes to your decision. The Fitbit has long been regarded as the premier option for those who want a simple yet effective fitness tracker, although many more brands have entered the market and are releasing genuinely fantastic trackers of their own. This guide will show you what’s hot when it comes to selecting a fitness tracker.


Just like the starry sky above you, this is your time to shine. A night out with your friends gives you the chance to show off your best and brightest jewelry, and you’ve honestly got a lot of selections when it comes to adorning your wrist. When combined with a gorgeous short cocktail dress, like the ones we have already presented, some beautiful silver or gold bracelets peppered with diamonds or gems will give you a look that stands out and demands to be noticed.

If you’d prefer to wear something with a little more edge to it, then be sure to look at our previous article on DIY chain bracelets, as these suit a style that is less dressed-up, but a style that you want to feel great in nonetheless. After all, the main thing to remember is that when you have a style that you look great in, you’re going to feel great inside too.