What’s the Best Dermal Filler for Nonsurgical Jawline

Time and fashion dictate their trends, even for facial features. Thus, a strong, strict, and well-defined jawline is one of the hottest trends of the last and this year, and what is interesting, both for males and females. Everyone struggles to get a jawline of Angelina Jolie (who had plastic surgery, by the way). Fortunately, there is no need anymore to lie under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon with the invention of a nonsurgical jawline contour treatment with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This procedure allows obtaining a defined and strong line of a jawline fast and effectively with the ability to control the results and without long and painful recovery.

What is Nonsurgical Jawline Contouring?

It is an innovative procedure that involves face contouring with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers injections to sculpt and define the lower part of the face. In some cases, the injections are aimed to alter and improve the facial features. In other cases, there may be cosmetic indications for the procedure due to a unique face building structure and/or aging processes, when the contour of the face becomes blurred and the skin sags. Injections of hyaluronic acid help to separate the line between the neck and face, giving the jawline a more defined contour and making a face younger and more attractive.

What’s the Best Dermal Filler for Nonsurgical Jawline

Jawline filler treatment procedure is simple and fast, taking not more than 60 min of your time. The doctor will give you a few injections into the area (after the previous consultation, where you would discuss the problems and desired results, choose the filler, determine the number of shots, and technique for injections).

Which Filler is used for Nonsurgical Jawline Contouring?

The modern aesthetic medicine market offers a wide variety of dermal fillers (Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Stylage, Radiesse) with hyaluronic or poly-lactic acids, calcium hydroxide, and so on to fight various imperfections. However, far not all of them are suitable for injections into the lower part of the face with the aim to define and sculpt the jawline.

What’s the Best Dermal Filler for Nonsurgical Jawline

The main requirement is the sufficient level of density and viscosity of the gel for enhancing the jawline. A perfect candidate for this procedure (currently present at the modern market) is Juvederm® Voluma XC dermal filler from the French-Canadian manufacturer Allergan. The other brands that may also be used the jawline are Sculptra and Restylane. 

Can Fillers Help with a Double Chin?

It often happens the patients, who decide to have jawline enhancement & contouring with dermal fillers, may complain about some related issues like a double chin. Can this procedure help? In some cases, yes, but just if the excessive fat in the area of the chin and jawline is insignificant. The injection of hyaluronic acid and defining of the jawline and nonsurgical chin augmentation correspondingly will stretch the skin, making it firmer. If fat deposits are considerable, you should consult the doctor and choose a complementary procedure (injection of intralipotherapy products like Lipoinject to burn the fat cells locally or Botox injections to lift the muscles and correct the visual appearance of the double chin).What’s the Best Dermal Filler for Nonsurgical Jawline

How long does Jawline Contouring with Dermal Fillers Last?

Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid possess a different duration of the effect, which in total may last from 6 up to 24 months. What does it depend on? First of all, it depends on the density of the filler. The denser and more viscous the gel is, the longer it will remain in the tissues, providing excellent results and vice versa.  The jawline filler should possess a dense structure. That is why it is digested by the organism for a very long time – up to 24 months. However, there are other factors that may influence the duration – peculiarities of the organism (metabolism processes), individual lifestyle (physical activity, love to the spa, hot baths, sunbathing, etc.) that accelerates the time of filler splitting and digestion.

Final Word

Noninvasive contour plastics with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is a fast, effective, and relatively painless way to enhance your appearance and sculpt the jawline. A strong and clear line of the lower part of the face is a sign of youth and beauty. If you do not possess a nice jawline from nature, you can always apply for help from a professional cosmetic doctor and have dermal fillers injections. It is fast, safe, effective, long-lasting, and what is even more, affordable.