Will Alternative To Diamond Engagement Rings Look Good Forever?

Will Alternative To Diamond Engagement Rings Look Good Forever?

Though it is very expensive, many people just choose to buy diamonds because it is the safest choice. According to the Mohs scale – the basis for scratch-resistance of a gemstone – diamonds are the strongest ones that make them perfect for everyday use. Buying them may be a good choice, but not all can afford to buy this precious stone. This includes men who are looking for engagement rings to give to their partners.

Especially during these challenging financial times, many are thinking to find the best alternative to diamonds. Today, let’s see what would be the best substitute for diamonds in an engagement ring, and see what would ‘look good for good’.

Cubic Zirconia

This is the cheapest option that will give the look of diamonds. Producing these manmade stones are so cheap, that many low-cost accessories store use these in many of their items. Some businesses even market their items with cubic zirconia as the diamonds that only jewelers can tell. Mohs scale rate it at 8 – same as sapphire but sharp edges may become dull. It is colorless that if using the diamond’s color grading scale, it will get a perfect “D” or one of the most stunning colors of diamonds.

Your Partner’s Birthstone

It may not be conventional, but you may also give your partner her birthstone as an engagement ring. Some gemstones could be more expensive than the others, while some may have issues in setting them into certain metals. Some may also have that extra sparkle while some may not have that shine. No matter what stone you choose, prefer to have a better cut that will make the ring stand out even if it is not a diamond. Unfortunately, if you opt for your partner’s birthstone and her birthday is every April, you really have to get her diamonds.


Considered as the best alternative to diamonds, Moissanite rings could be your partner’s next ‘best friend. They cost a fraction of the price of real diamonds but it sparkles beautifully that will make every woman stunned. Based on the Mohs scale, this manmade gemstone has a score of 9 to 9.5, which is very close to the diamond’s perfect score of 10. If you would like to see what it really looks like, there are a growing number of jewelers offering moissanite rings like AlexanderParks.com. There is also an option for white, yellow, and rose gold. 


This stone has a shade of pink to orange-pink (considered as having the salmon color), which looks great when given with an impressive cut. Originally found by the miners of Brazil, this gem is now present in different countries around the world. This gem is also considered the best diamond alternative at some point in a 2017 survey of a wedding magazine. Many jewelers say that this stone can last for a very long time but does not require paying a huge amount of money.

These are just some of the substitutes that you can consider when getting an engagement ring for your partner. As engagement rings are a symbol of the beginnings of a life-changing event, what is most important is your love for each other and the dedication to stay with each other through thick or thin.