Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is a special occasion because it is probably one of the last times to make memories with the people you went to high school with. Choosing the perfect prom dress is difficult because of the many factors you need to consider like color, silhouette, and style. 

We have you covered. Here are some tips to make your search much easier:

Hair Color

Your hair color plays a big part in how your prom dress will look. Depending on what color your hair is, different colors will look better on you. Blondes, for example, tend to look better in bolder colors like orange, red, or green. This is because beige and tan colors tend to wash them out. 

If you have red hair, you can also look washed out in natural colors. Redheads look best in dark colors like forest green or olive. These colors will help you stand out and they will compliment your hair color.

Brunettes usually have more choices when picking out prom dresses. Regardless of what shade of brown your hair is, you can choose from many different colors from red to green to purple.

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Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Prom Dress


Proms tend to be a bit more formal than say, a homecoming. That’s why it’s probably best to go for something longer. Long dresses make you look elegant and put-together. That said, short dresses are both stylish and easy-to-wear.

Short dresses are more wearable because they are easier to dance in. This is because you won’t have to worry about stepping on fabric or get tired from moving around if your dress has heavy embellishments. Short dresses are also great because you can repurpose them and wear them even after prom.

But, the main thing to consider is what you’ll be comfortable in. You’ll only have a great time at prom if you feel confident in what you’re wearing. Try on as many styles as you want and don’t settle until you find one that feels right.

Skin Tone

Skin tone, like hair color, also plays a big part in how your dress will look on you. People with very fair skin look best in neutral or pastel tones. Bold colors can look too harsh in contrast with very fair skin.

Medium skin has a caramel hue to it, meaning that shades of yellow, purple, and green look best. Neutral colors are also a good option because medium skin doesn’t look washed out in these shades.

Olive skinned people look best in earth tones. Golden skin pairs well with brown-tinted colors like burgundy, olive, or burnt orange. 

Darker skin tones look amazing in white and yellow. This is because the contrast between skin and fabric is greater, which makes a statement. These vibrant colors not only look great on your skin, but they will highlight your figure.


All rules aside, your prom dress is a personal choice. These guidelines can help you make the best choice, but ultimately, it’s up to you. Always gather many options rather than deciding on the first one you see. Make an informed choice about the brand or shop you are purchasing from, and find something that is practical for the night.

A lot of proms have a theme, and while you don’t have to follow that theme when selecting your dress, that may be something to consider as well. Again, the best choice is the one you feel confident and comfortable in.