Your Packing List For A Hen Party In The Hills

If you ask me the first three words that pop up in my mind when someone says weddings, they will be shopping, hen party and madness! These words pretty much give you a gist of how weddings are and how insane wedding preparations can be. There will be a never ending shopping list, the most difficult decisions to be made when it comes to choosing the guest list, selecting the right decor theme, food menu, your wedding dress and what not! If you are not taking any outside help, you will be drowned with work for weeks at a stretch. And even if you hire a professional to take the job off your hands, they will still keep coming to you for all the major decisions.

Talking of hen parties, a wedding cannot take place without a hen party. If your best girl is going to walk down the aisle, you might as well take her out for a fantastic hen party and encourage her to indulge in some naughtiness before her final fling. If you girls are the adventure lovers and don’t mind the cold breeze, then a hen weekend somewhere in the north, in the hills will be a perfect place.

While you girls decide the place, we bring to you a list of essentials that you should definitely carry in your bags when you set out for the most amazing weekend of your best friend’s life!


Hen weekends are synonymous to celebrations, parties and insane fun. When it comes to packing shoes for the trip, all you girls would want to pack are you highest heels and shiny pumps.  But if you have decided to go to a hilly place for your hen weekend, make sure you carry the right sports shoes with you. You need to be prepared for the rocky terrain and difficult weather conditions. Also, when you have chosen such a destination for your best girl’s final fling before the ring, be prepared to have a taste of some adventurous hen do games and activities in the hills. For that you will need your sports shoes more than you heels!


It is a no brainer that you would want to have your sexiest dresses in the bag for your best girl’s hen party. And of course you should have those for the bar crawls and party nights. But do not forget to carry proper woollens and jackets. Along with that, keep trekking jackets and trousers that will be perfect for your adventure activities. Now, of course you cannot think of conquering the hills when you are shivering because of not wearing the right kind of clothes.


Well, we know you would not miss out on any makeup essential when it comes to packing for your best girl’s hen party, but there are a few things on which you would want to pay heed. Along with your favourite shades of lip colors and nail paints and all your mascaras and fancy fashion accessories, do not forget to carry a good quantity of moisturisers and sunscreen. The weather in the hills is cold which will leave your skin dry, hence the moisturiser. And also, during the day you will feel the rays of the sun hitting you straight. The best way to save yourself at that time is to use sun block creams. So, carry both of them in abundance!

First aid

This is a thing that does not need a mention but a reminder is never bad. Along with the regular medicines that you carry in your first aid kit, search out for medicines that should specifically be carried to places of high altitude. Headache, nausea, dry skin, and a few other problems are very common in hilly regions. Make sure you have medicines for all of that so you are prepared for the worst case scenario. Let’s pray you do not have to use any during the trip!