10 Crucial Rules For Wearing Rings That No One Will Tell You

Ladies love wearing rings. Seems like it is the ultimate accessory that is suitable for any event. Most noteworthy, there are some rules that should be followed when it comes to wearing rings. Have you known that some occasions require wearing only your wedding ring? And, do you know which type of ring will best suit your hands? Read on and find out more about these 10 crucial rules for wearing rings that no one will tell you!

10 crucial rules for wearing rings

1.If you want to hide some imperfections, then go for a large stone ring. It will be a  distraction for spots, wrinkles and veins.

2.Want to make your fingers appear longer? Then you should have rings with elongated stones. They will make short fingers look longer. Avoid elongated stones if you have too long fingers.

3.Wearing two rings on one finger is suitable only for long fingers.

4.Rings with different geometrical shapes will make the fingers look smaller. Avoid them if you already have small ones.

5.If you have very long nails, then a thin and simple ring with a small stone will be the right choice. Never go for an elongated stone.

6.Precious stones, like diamonds are meant to be worn at evening with matching outfits. Wearing them with a sweater and jeans is not a good idea at all.

7.What about the index finger? A thin ring with geometrical pattern will look awesome. And if you want to be original, go for the thumb ring. You should choose large and simple ones, without any additional decorations. If you want to have a ring on your little finger, choose a very small and thin one.

8.If you like to make different ring combinations consider this important rule. Mixing different metals and different stone colors will not look so good together.

9.Big,colorful and eye-catching rings should never be worn if you have bright nail polish on. All this together will overload the look.

10.If you need to go to an event where strict dress code is required, never wear any additional rings. You should only wear your wedding ring, if you have it.