10 Quick Tips About Flat Irons

10 Quick Tips About Flat Irons

    The flat iron straightener is a hair styling must-have and while many women think it can only be used to straighten hair, these do it all hair styling tools have so much more to offer. Here are 10 hair styling tricks that will change the way you use your flat iron hair straightener.

  1. Crimp your hair by flat ironing a braid.

    With crimped hair being trendy right now, you can achieve this look quickly and effortlessly with your flat iron. First, braid sections of your hair into three strand braids and secure them with hair elastics. Next clamp your flat iron onto the braids, gliding along each one. When you remove the braids, you will be left with perfectly crimped hair.

  1. Use a heat protectant spray.

    Flat irons can damage your hair due to the heat they put out. To protect your hair when using a flat iron, be sure to use a heat protectant spray. Choose one that fits your hair type and use it while your hair is still damp.

  1. Avoid cow licks by using a thermal brush.

    Cow licks are annoying and extremely stubborn to remove and try as you may, you might not be able to get rid of them. That is, unless you use a thermal brush along with your flat iron. To do this, blow dry your wet hair and use your flat iron as you normally would. Begin by using the flat iron through the crown 2 to 3 times. Then, roll it up with a thermal styling brush leaving a couple of inches from the scalp. Place the flat iron just below the brush. From below the brush, slowly work your way upward. Move the thermal brush slowly and together with the flat iron. Hold the brush until it is no longer hot to touch. Grab a can of hairspray and spritz some of the product quickly then slowly release the brush to remove the cowlick.

  1. Avoid setting the heat higher than 365 degrees.

    Many women don’t think twice about the heat setting on their flat iron. They just turn it on and start using it. The highest temperature that you should use your flat iron on is 365 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have thin hair, set the temperature only between 300 and 325 degrees.

  1. Flat iron your hair up to get volume.

    Did you know that you can use your flat iron to gain more volume in your hair? For a volumizing effect, pretend you are pulling your hair back into a ponytail. Use a claw clip. Leave a little hair underneath and flat iron it. Start about a couple of inches away from the roots. It is important you give a 2-inch allowance. If you iron the base of your roots, you will come out with a flat look. Work your way up, letting more hair down each time. To work with the crown of your hair, start from the back and work your way toward the front (forehead). Take small sections and flatiron it upwards.

  1. Use your flat iron to create large curls.

    Create large curls with your flat iron by taking small sections of your hair and clamping your flat iron down on them being sure to twist the iron underneath. Then pull downward in a steady, smooth motion for an even curl. The longer you hold the flat iron on your hair, the tighter the curl will be. If you want bigger curls, just run the flat iron quickly through your hair.

10 Quick Tips About Flat Irons

  1. Make some beachy waves.

    Beachy waves are a popular style for short to medium length hair. To create this trendy look, start by clamping your hair a couple of inches from your roots. Then clamp and twist under. Next, move down the opposite direction and continue making the “wave” pattern through the ends. Be sure to move quickly and run your fingers through your hair and toss it lightly to finish it.

  1. Give your hair a bend.

    Achieve shiny, straight locks that slightly bend on the ends by using a technique known as wrap brushing. Using the curve of the brush’s head, smooth out your hair before blow drying. After blow drying, use your flat iron to section and clip your hair at the ends. Here is the important part. Right after the hair comes out of the flat iron, drape it over the brush and let it cool for 10 seconds before setting it down.

  1. Determine which hair straightener is best for your hair type.

    Each hair type needs a different kind of straightener. The shorter the length of your hair, the thinner the flat iron you should use. For people with longer, thicker hair, a wide flat iron is the best choice.

  1. Know the difference among the different types of hair straighteners.

    There are 3 common types of hair straighteners in the market – ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. Understanding the features and benefits of each is important to get the most use out of them.