10 Things We Can Learn From Fashion Marketing

As most people like to look good and take great pride in what they wear, it is safe to assume that the world’s biggest clothing companies bring home huge revenues every year. But did you know that the global apparel market was valued at a whopping US$1.7 trillion in 2012 and employs approximately 75 million people?

On account of such scope for success, numerous different brands are now competing for the attention of self-admiring audiences through the use of various marketing techniques. People are also finding it increasingly useful to obtain a fashion marketing masters degree. But which promotional strategies are fashion brands capitalising on? And what can businesses in other sectors learn from this activity?

  1. Use SMS marketing to connect with customers

Department store chain Macy’s managed to drive customer engagement by using SMS marketing to launch a competition. For a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree with Caprice Willard from NBC’s Fashion Star TV, in-store shoppers were encourage to send a text message to a short code number.

  1. Embrace images as an immersive medium

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to selling your goods or services, a simple image can be much more useful and effective than product descriptions.

  1. Think about introducing videos too

Videos can be much more engaging than images and will keep visitors on your site for longer. Online retailer ASOS produces a catwalk video for the majority of its products, so think about introducing something similar.

  1. Enlist the power of an influencer

Brand ambassadors such as celebrities or prominent social media stars have been utilised by fashion brands to market and sell clothes. Audiences tend to trust the opinions of influencers more than the corporate marketing voice of a multinational company.

  1. Tell compelling stories

By giving consumers an insight into the company’s core values and beliefs, they will feel a strong connection to the brand and be more likely to make a purchase. Jewellery makers Tatty Devine’s storytelling video is a perfect example of this.

  1. Schedule social media activity at the right time

Find out when your customers are browsing your products or services online and schedule social media activity accordingly. For example, shoppers tend to buy clothes in the evenings or at the weekend, not during normal working hours.

  1. Remember to reply to social media messages as well

If you do happen to schedule status updates or tweets outside of regular office hours, make sure a member of staff is on hand to answer any queries. The brand’s reputation could suffer if customers grow disillusioned with your response rate.

  1. Offer your audience online exclusives

To further boost online sales, offer your audience internet-exclusive promotions that aren’t available in-store. Fashion brand ‘Lie Down I Think I Love You’ – or LDITILY – do this to great effect on its website.

  1. Don’t forget about the humble press release

In the face of social media, content marketing, and video blogs, it is easy to forget about press releases. However, well-constructed statements featuring captivating copy and relevant keywords can help launch new products, brands, or special promotions.

  1. Express your creativity

Fashion is an extremely expressive industry, which is reflected in the marketing activity of most brands. Even if your company deals with more formal products or services, adopting a creative approach to marketing will undoubtedly go down well with the majority of customers.