15 Cute And Striped Nail Designs To Copy This Spring

Decoration of nails is not something new, rather is an art that has been going on forever. Girls are obsessed with nail designs and search the internet most of the time for inspiration of new ideas. In this post we are going to share with you 15 Cute And Striped Nail Designs To Copy This Spring.¬† You can notice stripes all around you, cause the striped clothing is considered to be very stylish and fashionable. You can’t go not even a single season without stripes, so ladies it’s a timeless classic. Why don’t you put some stripes on your nail this spring? Scroll down and get inspired for your next manicure!

You shouldn’t be seen without a manicure on your nails, and if you don’t want to pay tons of money to the cosmetic saloons, you know you can always do some simple arts at home on your own. Stripes are not something that is hard to make, so ladies get down to work and try to do the adorable stripes yourselves. You could use the help of scotch tape for clear and precise lines if you are a perfectionist, and if not make them with free hands. This nail art has many variation and can never be boring. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal, stripes are going to give you a stunning look. Check out the photos and let them do the talking!



Once you have the hang of things you will find more and more creative things to do. Here is another ideas that can get you going. Make variations and create many interesting nail designs!

The nautical stripes are definitely my favorites! No spring or summer can go without them. The anchor makes them look adorable, doesn’t it?

You can paint all of your nails in a different color, cause ladies it’s spring season!

Although the horizontal stripes are the most common one nail design, the vertical ones are more unique. If you want to be different, the vertical stripes are the thing for you!



You can always do some variations to your designs and personalize them. Check out this lovely idea!




Play up with your stripes and add a red heart here and there. The result is outstanding. You will have clean lines and a pop of color. Gorgeous!


15 Cute And Striped Nail Designs To Copy This Spring

Image via glow.xyz