15 Items You Should Never Wear to Work

Hey Divas, I have made an interesting post for today that is called “15 Items You Should Never Wear to Work”. In every company there is some specific dress code with uniforms that employees should wear every time or there isn’t a dress code but you still have to dress up in a formal clothes! for the employees. If you want to keep your job there are 15 things that you should never wear, even the weather gets hot or cold!

I know that it is hard to dress appropriately, but you should still find those things that are comfortable and corresponds to the work that you are doing. Either your workplace becomes casual and relaxing, you should never cross the limits, because there are some basic rules to follow, no matter where do you work.

The main rule is not to overdo it with the fragrances or perfume! And why some of you make the mistake with the eyebrow-raising! If you want to escape from the workplace drama, take a look at the items below and carefully consider what you should never wear to work.


1. Flip Flops

I know that flip flops are very comfortable, but don’t even think about going to your office with this kind of shoes! You can’t go to the meeting with them! Can you? You can’t even meet your friend with flip flops not your business partners! Flip flops go to the beach, yard maybe picnic, but not to the office for sure.

2. Sheer Clothing

It is better to keep this clothes for night clubs and discos! Sheer Clothing isn’t appropriate for the office and you will feel terrible if somebody tell you to go home to change your clothes or anything similar.

3. Sneakers

There are a plenty shoes that are more appropriate for your office then the sneakers! Take a look at your shoe storage, I’m sure that you will find a pair that will be suitable for this occasion.

4. Hot Pants and Visible underwear

If you want to lose your job, then this clothes are perfect for this! So, you must avoid this clothes and leave it for other type!

5. Fishnets

I don’t like them and I don’t want to wear them. If you are a huge fan of them, you should try to avoid them and not to wear them when you go to your office.

6. Panty Liners

Be careful with this one! Don’t make mistakes like this, is not cool in the office.

7. Hats

It is not cool to wear hats on your formal meetings! Forget the street style fashion and think what you should wear when you meet your business partners.

8.  Body Con

This bodycon dress is fabulous, but you can’t still wear it on your work. Find one that isn’t so tight and short! The cut-offs aren’t appropriate too.

15 Items You Should Never Wear to Work

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9. Strapless Bra

Forget the clothes that you should wear with a strapless bra! Put them back in your wardrobe immediately and start thinking on more appropriate clothes.

10. Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and Piercing can look lovely and fancy, but you should never have them if you want an extraordinary and well paid job!

11. Caked-On Makeup

The main rule is to keep your make up simple and not to overdo! Save the red lipstick and the dramatic eye makeup for after work, because caked-on makeup is never a good choice.

12. Wet Hair

13. Too Much Leg

The mini dresses or shorts are not appropriate for your work and I think that you know that! Avoid these pieces and don’t wear to short clothes. And if you do, then wear black tights!

14. Don’t Go Too Dark

15. Cut-Offs

Thank you for reading! I hope that I have helped you and this post was useful at some point! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashionsy!