Tips and Tricks for Suit Shopping in Hong Kong

In the recent times Hong Kong has made a name for itself atop the world of tailoring, and today it’s home to some of genuine magicians of the cloth. It is in this beautiful bustling city where you can source yourself quality suits which cater to both casual and business tastes.

But with all the choices you will find on the streets of Hong Kong, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and a little confused. To ensure you get what you’re looking for in the final product, we have compiled a guide to help you get the most out of your custom suit shopping experience. 

 What Do You Want in the Final Piece?

The primary reason why people go for tailor-made suits is to get quality workmanship and affordability. Additional benefits also include a chance to get something that fits perfectly, is current and fine-tuned to your style and right cut for your body.

The tailors will work with what you want, and you can go as gaga as you’d imagine with customizing. Would you like a watch pocket in your trousers? Or vertical stripes? Or no pleats in your pants? Feel like adding a bright red lining?

Make sure you make all this known to your tailor, and leave it to him to bring it to life. You get to have fun and even go a little wild with your suits.

Do You Have a Budget?

Most of the times, the fabric will be the best indicator of price. Top-quality material promises you a suit that will last years and day-to-day wear, cheaper will result in a suit that looks good initially, but may fade fast. 

It is also a great idea to look out for small things like the quality of buttons, shoulder pads, zippers, and lining.

All the above will help you to strike a balance between second-rate and grandeur. But it all comes at a cost, and you must be willing to spend anywhere above $300 to all get magnificent suits.

How Do You Choose the Best Tailor?

The streets of Hong Kong have a cluster of tailors who offer varying quality cuts and designs; hence choosing a master stitcher can be quite an uphill task. A highly recommended way of landing yourself a reputable workman is by asking your hotel concierge – they can almost always make a good recommendation and will equally warn about who to avoid. 

A big red warning sign is the guys handing you leaflets on corners of the busiest streets in the city. Visiting these vendors will likely lead you down the path of a low-end businesses with second-rate fabrics. Visit a couple of shops before making your final decision, ask around and do a lot of research before picking one that you feel the most comfortable with.

Here are some qualities of a good tailor you look out for

  • Good listener and pays attention to small detail
  • Not trying to sell you everything in their shop or only the expensive material
  • They are committed to producing quality pieces at a customer-friendly price
  • They are highly experienced in skillfully cutting and sewing
  • Up to date with the latest industry trends

Expect full transparency from your tailor on prices and thorough explanation on all your options.

You may want to consider Rashmi Custom Tailors for the best custom suits in Hong Kong, they are dedicated to make clothes that fit perfectly and make you feel classy and confident.

Does Speed Always Equal Quality?

In Asia, time equals money, but don’t be tempted by the idea of a one-day suit. It may seem practical and convenient, but it is going to cost you a lot more than you know. For the right fit, you need to allow for more time and several fittings to get it just right.

Remember, most reputable establishments do not push for a 24hr turnaround, but instead walk you through the process carefully without rushing it. Don’t choose a tailor across town because you will need to go there 2-3 times after your first visit. 

What Does the Perfect Fit Mean to You?

Would you like to hide the weight gain, or is it that square shoulder? Even if you want to look taller in your suit, all this can be made possible by choosing the right clothier and making your needs known to them.

Adjusting the shoulder pads and button position of your jacket will give you your desired frame and provide an illusion of height.

Bonus Tips

  • You can keep your suits trousers with no pleats and no cuffs
  • Ask for suit fabrics by reputable brands e.g., Drago and Ermenegildo Zegna, which are well-established mills
  • Pick waist-adjusters over belts
  • To get more wear, consider ordering an extra pair of pants; these will last you more than 5+ years
  • The perfect suit should always match the shirt and accessories, which may include watches, cufflinks, and shoes, so don’t forget to invest in those too