4 Christmas Gifts for the Fashion-Lover in Your Life

People have different interests, and it’s always a good idea to think about those interests when buying a gift for someone. For example, if you know a bookworm, you can always buy a book on their wish list, and they’re bound to love it.

If you know someone who loves fashion, you may want to get them a fashion-related gift this Christmas. However, if you’re not into fashion yourself, you may have no idea where to start.

If you are opting for secret Santa presents or white elephant presents, gifting your loved ones a fashion item with a personalised touch would be perfect this Christmas.

Luckily, this post is here to guide you. We’ll be walking you through four of the best Christmas gifts to get the fashion lover in your life this festive season.


Buying clothes for someone can be a very personal thing, which is why many people avoid it unless they are very close to someone. On top of that, your tastes may differ – so what you think is beautiful, they may find unattractive. 

That being said, jewelry can be a bit easier. Many fashion lovers have one kind of jewelry that they love – they may have hundreds of pairs of earrings, or they may collect necklaces. Before you buy jewelry for someone, it’s a good idea to therefore pay attention to what kind of jewelry they tend to wear a lot. Check out Pearlory if you need some jewelry to gift to someone (or to treat yourself with!). 

Buy them a voucher

Of course, there is some controversy surrounding the idea of giving someone a voucher as a gift. Many people feel that vouchers are impersonal and that it’s a cop-out to give them to someone for Christmas.

That being said, we’ve already discussed why it can be hard to buy fashion-related items for someone, and they may in fact prefer being able to pick out pieces that suit their style. If you’re still on the fence, you can click here to learn more about why a voucher or gift card is a good present.


Any fashion lover will tell you that accessories are just as important as clothes. Accessories can take any outfit to the next level.

That’s why fashion lovers tend to have a big supply of shoes, bags, belts, scarves, and anything else that can add a bit of flair to an outfit. Try and ask them a few questions to get an idea of which accessories they need. If you want to go all out and spoil them, have a look at these luxurious statement pieces.

A magazine subscription

While blogs and similar platforms are slowly taking over the fashion industry, magazines have held their ground. If the person you’re shopping for enjoys staying on top of the latest trends, they likely read a few fashion magazines, whether online or not.

So, a subscription to their favorite fashion magazine can be an incredibly thoughtful gift and one that you can be sure they’ll use for a long time. If you’re not sure which magazine to subscribe to for them, try one of the top five fashion magazines