4 External Measures to Keep Your Skin Healthy In 2015

The first step to healthy skin is to nourish it with a natural, balanced diet. The second (and more important) step is to look after the skin externally. Environmental and age factors lead to a slow wear and tear of the skin, and this is why certain measures are mandatory to keep the skin healthy.

This year, vow to rid your skin of these four common skin troubles that contribute to unhealthy skin:

Dry, Scaly Skin

If your skin is persistently dry, it will not appear supple on any time of the year. The main cause of dry skin is lack of proper hydration. Whether it is a deficiency of proper skin care or a case of mild eczema, you will need more than eight glasses of water a day to achieve your desired skin texture. The best remedy to this problem is to opt for natural treatments.

Scrub and exfoliate your skin daily; use an exfoliating cream that is mild yet effective. A good option can be found in Neutrogena Hydroboost. Gram flour also works as an effective mild scrub. Use honey and aloe vera for an intense moisturizing treatment. Most of the harm done to your skin while outdoors is by the sun; use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Other remedies include use of yogurt, papaya, and egg whites as a natural facial pack

Scars, Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

Wrinkles are common in middle and old aged individuals, whilst stretch marks and other scars can target people of any age group. These scars and marks will cause no pain, but appear very unpleasant. It is true that wrinkles are better avoided than cured, unless you opt for surgical methods. There are many remedies, such as application of Vitamin E creams and fresh lemon juice on cotton ball, available for scars and stretch marks but they only seem to lighten them slightly and not ensure complete removal.

Another external method is laser scar removal, but it is costly and may lead to side effects. Sequoia Laser Aesthetics offers an alternative to the traditional laser acne scar removal in Visalia by using a micro-needling technology called Dermapen. It works to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, has a short treatment time and is safe for all skin types. The user needs 2-3 aggressive treatments to see noticeable results.

Minimize Open Pores

If you have oily skin, blackheads and open pores are bound to make an appearance on your skin. Not only do these clogged, oily pores look unsightly, but they also increase the chances of other potential problems like acne and shiny skin.

To minimize the enlarged pores, stop using any products that cause your pores to increase production of sebum. Products that tend to clog your pores also contribute to oily skin and prominent pores. Avoid any product that irritates your skin; if you are allergic to some ingredients in your facial routine products or are exposed to any irritants, your skin will produce more sebum. Use an exfoliant to clean out the pores regularly; use a formula that is in gel form and contains salicylic acid. Antioxidants are also helpful in balancing skin oils.


Blemishes can be a result of acne marks, hyper pigmentation (dark spots), or pale patches. To treat blemishes, use ingredients that will even out the skin tone. Some particularly helpful natural remedies are apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and tomato juice. Lavender oil is also an active ingredient for reducing blemishes.

For severe cases where natural remedies fail, it is best to use topical ointments. Commonly used active ingredients for treatment of hyper pigmentation include kojic acid, mandelic acid, and hydroquinone. It is best to prevent blemishes by avoiding facial creams and cleansers that contain harsh chemicals.