4 Insider Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

You may have read and learned a lot about beauty products, makeup and skincare through magazines and popular culture, but there are many insider secrets that aren’t often revealed to the general public. Read on for some useful secrets from industry professionals that might change how you look at the beauty world.

4 Insider Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

If you find a good mascara brush, keep it handy

There are many types of mascara product out there, all promising to lengthen, thicken and lift your lashes to extreme new levels. However, while many mascaras may claim to have special formulas, color tints or other ingredients that make them work, the trick is often in the brush itself. This does not mean you should not try colored mascaras or other products, but simply that you should be more attentive about them. If you look closely, you will see that mascara brushes from different brands and products are all made with a different design, and it is this that can have the most impact. So if you find a brush that gives you the results you’re looking for, keep it handy, even when the product runs out. 

Learn the difference between water and oil-based foundations

Not all foundations are suitable for all skin types, though they might often be sold to you in that way. Despite the marketing hype, your skin may not always look its best, if it is the wrong type of foundation. Aside from the color, you should look out for the difference between water and oil-based products. A water-based foundation is more suitable for oily skin as it is much lighter and will not weigh you down, while an oil-based product can work well for dry skin. In addition, your skin’s tone will also change over the seasons.

Beauty products do expire

Make sure that you go through your makeup collection on a regular basis and clear out anything that has outstayed its welcome. Many people will hold on to older cosmetics long past their use-by date, especially if they are expensive or limited edition items. However, many of these products will start to go bad once they have been opened and left for too long. Instead, replace them regularly, or opt for a subscription to deliver fresh products, such as scentmagic.com.

Clean your brushes regularly

If you’re finding that your skin is breaking out more than it used to, then it might be time to turn your attention to your makeup brushes and other tools. While other factors such as poor diet and hormones can certainly lead to acne and other skincare issues, using dirty makeup brushes that spread old oils, dirt, and bacteria all over your skin certainly will not help. To clean your brushes, allow them to soak in a gentle mix of baby soap or shampoo in warm water. Pat the brushes dry, before placing them to dry on a flat surface.